The magic of allowing yourself to be seen

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The magic of allowing yourself to be seen

I do a lot of coaching in my work, and one of the most common questions I’m asked is about my transition from a very private career as a professor and teacher to my public career as a very ‘out’ magical practitioner and sacred space creator. “What’s it like to be so out there? So visible? Aren’t you scared? Do you get overwhelmed?”

The reality is that I do my job in front of 25,000+ people a day. And whether I do it well, or whether I don’t, my work plays out on a large stage. It’s not for everyone. But I find the broad swath of connections very rewarding, healing, and exciting. I’ve met and worked with people from all countries, religions, and walks of life in this role and have expanded my own practice, awareness, and abilities as a result.

I did have to get very comfortable with the idea of being seen. Of becoming visible. Of trusting the process so so much that I didn’t question my every move. Of not second-guessing it all. Of making unedited videos for my classes. Of letting it be and unroll and become and unravel and move and spread and liquify in my hands. Once I became clear that creating a broad platform was my work, I surrendered all doubts and fears. And I emerged, ready to be seen. Really Seen. For who and how and what I am. And in doing so, I learned that when I allow myself to be seen I can see others. Really See Them. Hold up a mirror for their becoming and unraveling and emerging – not a mirror of projections and fears but a mirror of integrity and authenticity. I am comfortable with whoever you are because I am cozy with who I am. I can allow you to see alltheway through and into me because I am humbly and deeply aware of my flaws, shadows, limits, and capacities.

So I am visible. And that’s part of my work. I show up to help others show up. I want to invite you to be seen. Really seen. Take an awesome selfie, post it on Facebook, and say, simply, “I am ready to be seen.” Your audience can be small and intimate, but this one act is a serious gesture of surrender. Trust the process. Yield and let go. I promise you that once you get beyond the discomfort, the fear, the hesitation, and the decades of experiences that might tell you otherwise, being seen heals. It heals you and the one who sees you.

Thank you for seeing me. Thank you for letting me see you. That’s magic for us both.

14 thoughts on “The magic of allowing yourself to be seen

  1. beautiful, Athena. thank you for sharing – i see you and thank you for being yourself and meeting me on this journey of Really Being Seen, myself 😉

  2. Thank you for showing yourself! Beautifully written and powerfully transmitted. I AM receiving. Blessings and magic for all that you are. A-

  3. I really needed this article today. I have wanted so badly to be invisible these past few weeks, and I have been anything but. I need to be comfortable with being seen, and with sharing myself. Thanks so much.

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