The basics of attraction magic


The basics of attraction magic

People ask me all the time how to get what they want in life. A new car, a new job, a new lover. Did you know, I tell them, that you’re already attracting what you want? Right now? While you sleep? In our busy lives where we’re so distracted we often forget that all matter is energy. And all energy carries a vibration that attracts other energies. We are clusters of particles drawing things, people, experiences to ourselves all the time. Attraction magic, then, is the process of becoming intentional about what we’re already doing. Rather than attracting by default, we attract on purpose.

And like all magic, you can do it purely with your thoughts, through focused visioning. To heighten the effect of any magic, we use tools. Hither perfume, my newest scent released this week and available here, is an attraction oil. The ingredients are very, very old – ancient, in fact. It took months of research, experimentation, and meditation to yield this perfume. It’s a potent tool for those who wish to practice attraction magic.

As with all magic, there is a cautionary note: You must always seek to attract for the highest good of ALL. Manipulating the will of others violates almost every spiritual code of ethics, including the Wiccan Rede (“An harming none, do as you will.”) I am not a practicing Wiccan myself, but I honor all paths in my craft and always want to do magical work in ways that will benefit the most people. This involves deep allowance for free will and requires alignment with a wise Universe that has plans for you and your life. If you seek alignment in all things, you will find yourself in the “flow” of abundance, happiness, and health.

I recommend Hither as a ritual tool for men and women. It’s a unisex scent. In fact the main ingredient, labdanum, was Julius Caesar’s private cologne during his rule of Rome. It is handcrafted in tiny batches so there will never be much available. If you’re lucky enough to access it, here’s how to use it for magical purposes.

Hither comes in a roll-on bottle. I recommend placing it on your third-eye chakra, both wrists, the base of the spine, and both ankles, before meditation. You can also anoint this way before bedtime if you wish to do subconscious dreamstate attraction work while you sleep. Once you have applied Hither, close your eyes and move into a meditative state where you allow yourself to envision the conditions you wish to manifest in your life. Imagine as much detail as you can, and relax deeply into the images you conjure. You might also ask Spirit while in this state what you will need to journey from where you are in life today to where you would like to be in the future. Sometimes we don’t even know what we need; this is where Spirit can intervene and help draw to us what we need on our behalf.

When you are finished meditating, always say the words “I seek to attract to me the resources, people, opportunities, and experiences I need for the highest good of myself and all beings. So it is.”

Hither will stay with you. It’s a scent that lingers. People will ask you what you’re wearing. You might smile and say, “come hither.” Draw them a little closer and let them experience your magic, too.

Be well dear ones as you vibrate in alignment with All That Is.

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