Simple Ritual 5: The Garnet Cord grounding


Simple Ritual 5: The Garnet Cord grounding

Oh, the root chakra – the red spinning disk at the base of your spine that is the center of place and space, your connection to Earth, the house of your child-self. Our roots are what connects us to our ancestors, to the many who came before us and cleared our path.

Unresolved grief, loss, childhood trauma, and fears about the future all reside in the root chakra and over time, those emotions and energies cloud this energy center. The wheel turns slower, the color of it fades from red to brown, and we feel unplugged from the Earth. This can look and feel like a disconnection from others, a disconnection from ourselves, a disconnection from our Soul Path.

Attending to the root chakra is key and many people ask me where to begin. You can begin here with these sacred tools and the following meditation, which will help you ground your energy, call you into Present Time, and help you feel more safe, confident, and secure in your body. From that centered and grounded place, let the rest of the year begin.

To listen to the Garnet Cord guided meditation, click here: Garnet cord meditation.

May you be blessed dear one as you attend to your rootspace and heal old wounds. So it is.

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  1. Awesome. I created an earring this week with garnet and hematite that I called Earth Cord. I had never heard the term and then here it is in your meditation with garnet. Wow. I love the synchronicity of these ideas. Thank you for this and all you do.

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