Let’s talk (energetically) about sex

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Let’s talk (energetically) about sex

Why is it so hard to move on from romantic relationships that end, for whatever reason – even when we know it’s for our highest good? I’m going to venture a guess, a three-letter guess, a taboo guess: SEX.

Yes, sex.

The bigger answer is energetic connection, but the kind of connection we have to break when physical relationships end is potent and strong – indelible almost – and cutting it, or severing it, or erasing it is virtually impossible.

“Only the Soul knows what Love is.”

I raise this subject here in my blog because I think sexual energy is the one kind of magic most people can understand. Even those who tell me magic isn’t real, or they’ve never seen or “felt” magic know what it feels like to be sexually connected to another human being. The electricity and magnetic force that accompany intense sexual relationships is entirely energetic; it’s a high-level vibration or frequency between two people that connects them at the level of their souls.

In fact some suggest that the energetic imprint of sexual intercourse is the most potent form of connection and interaction that two human beings can experience. I believe this imprint happens along a spectrum from superficial to deep depending on the duration and intensity of the relationship. But all sex connects the parties involved at the level of their soul anatomy. We imprint on each other in those intimate moments, even during a one-night stand.

And when we release each other a part of our energy field remains connected, despite space, time, or distance. Ten years later, continents apart, lovers still retain a mutual essence.

We know this. But we’re still surprised by how hard it is to let go when a sexual relationship ends. I would suggest that letting go requires energy work around the imprint. Can you look at that part of your soul that’s been touched, dialogue with it? Can you make peace with the connection, allowing it to be what it is, and not requiring it to be what it was? At some point that imprint served you, but now it may not. What does it need to become?

I think about one day talking with my children about sex. And I’m sure I’ll be running through the many reasons why they shouldn’t have sex with people. But most of all, I’ll talk with them about choosing wisely – because anyone they have sex with carries part of them forever. Energy doesn’t disappear – it changes form. It can’t be erased or undone. Who do you want carrying you around energetically? Who do you want to carry? Put in these terms, we might all make different decisions. Sex is sacred. It’s a spiritual experience between physical vessels.

How do you move on from a relationship that’s over? You honor the connection. You send love to that space in your soul that was touched by another. You honor that place in them where you reside. And you prepare new space for another imprint when the time is right.

So it is.
Blessings of healing to all the imprinted souls out there!

4 thoughts on “Let’s talk (energetically) about sex

  1. If you want to release a sexual bondage of a broken relationship you can seek the help of a spiritual healer to cut chords that bind you or you can get a lemon and salt while you are bathing. You ask your gardian angel by rubbing your body from head to toe and repeating. I RELEASE ALL SEXUAL ENERGY FROM SO AND SO AND CUT CHORDS SENDING YOU BACK YOUR ENERGY WITH LOVE. Do it for 3 days consecutive. You can mention as many lovers at one time or concentrate on the one that is giving you grief. Blessed be

    1. This is to heal our heart after having a sexual relationship with someone we love who is no longer in our lives?

  2. Thank You! So well done! This has come at the perfect time for me. It answers a lot of questions.

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