Intention-setting 101


Intention-setting 101

The book The Secret brought a very old – some would even argue ancient – principle to life for a modern generation: That all matter consists of energy, that energy operates in a field, and that within energetic fields, like attracts like. We call this set of realities the Law of Attraction. Every thing, every thought, vibrates with a specific energetic frequency. Positive thought, behavior, act = high vibration; negative thought, behavior, act = low vibration. What you send out comes back to you, often several-fold.

Imagine it this way: You have a negative thought, “I am not smart enough to achieve my goals.” That thought goes out into the Universe and attaches itself to other low-vibe energies, people, things. And suddenly you find yourself surrounded by nay-sayers, “Dr. No”-type people who affirm that indeed, you can’t achieve your goals. That’s the Law of Attraction working perfectly well, and directly against you. The reverse is equally possible: Your mantra is, “I can do this. The Universe supports me as I achieve my goals.” And voila, people, opportunities, and resources present themselves to support your achievement. Again, same law, radically different outcome.

So the #1 question people ask me as an energy coach is how to make what seems like a simple law work for them. And the answer is this: You set intentions according to the “3C” approach: Consistently, consciously, and collectively. This means you set intentions every day, on purpose, with an eye toward the bigger picture of your life. It’s a discipline, not a game. And you have to be exquisitely focused on outcomes.

So what do you want to create? Remember that intentions are energy roadmaps, telling the Universe where to send energy on your behalf. Here are, in my opinion, the FIVE BEST STEPS to setting consistent, conscious, and collective intentions:

  1. Write them down. Start with three. Write them in full sentences, in the present tense, in positive terms (i.e., what you DO want vs. what you DON’T want or want to avoid). And do this every month at the new moon.
  2. Be as specific as you can. The clearer you can be in your description of your desired outcomes, the better. The Universe thrives on details.
  3. When you have them written down, speak them out loud. You don’t need an audience; you can say them to yourself. But spoken words have a higher energetic vibration than thoughts.
  4. Speaking of thoughts, mind yours. You need to affirm these intentions, not undermine them. Negative thoughts that counteract the direction of your intention confuse the energy patterns and sabotage the effectiveness of this process. No negative self-chatter allowed!
  5. Share your intentions with supportive people. Get them to send energy toward your goals too by speaking as if these intentions are already manifesting.

And so it is.

Bright blessings,

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10 thoughts on “Intention-setting 101

  1. Thanks so much for this little guide to setting intentions!It’s exactly what I need to do right now. It’s time to get specific about what I want, focus & stop the negative self talk.

  2. Thank you Athena. I have been consumed with such a negative feeling all morning which then brought negative thoughts forth. I was searching for something to change the way I was feeling, some inspiration to shift my energy. And I came upon you and this! So I thank you for your amazing presence and offerings. Now that my energy is shifting I can now affirm with positive thoughts and self affirming consciousness. I’ll see you in a blue moon. 😉

      1. Yes, thank you…I am not on Facebook either but I would like to participate…I have your candle!

  3. Interesting that I was pondering yet again my New Moon intentions when your blog posting popped up …. absolute synchronicity on the part of the Universe. Oh wait > there are no coincidences! Thank you once again Athena for rescuing me from a dark hole. Now I am attempting to start a “new moon intention group” where we share and support each other! YOU are my inspiration 🙂

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