Explore your inner wild this New Year’s Eve


Explore your inner wild this New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve. It feels different doesn’t it? And not just because tomorrow begins a new year. Today is a magical portal, a tear in the edge of time, a place of unknown and known. The margin between what was and what will be. You stand at the edge, and it’s a potent invitation for you to rock your wild, explore your inbetween spaces, push your limits. Let go of all the shit holding you back and down. Prepare and open and carve out and create and mother and birth space for what is going to delight and nourish and please and inspire you.

This work isn’t anyone else’s responsibility; this is all you, baby.

So where is your wilderness? That wild edge of space where your inhibitions are gone and you are liberated to seek and get lost and find yourself. I want you to take 5 minutes tonight and claim your edge. Claim your magic and your space and your wild. Name him/her, photograph him/her, dance with him/her. Get intimate with this deeper side of your nature that summons you from within. My inner wild is tribal and native and liberated, smart and sexy and cunning and mischievious. She’s all the best of me, all the worst of me, all the scariest parts of me, all the evolved parts of me, rolled into one divine essence of who I am. She lures me out of my comfortable corners and invites me into edgier spaces where new opportunity and adventures await. She is my best self. And each New Year’s Eve, I summon and speak to her, listen for her, allow her to be and bubble and emerge and flow and become. I await her new inflection, which she will reveal to me in hints and whispers across the next 12 months. My wildnerness reminds me that part of myself is always a mystery, even to me.

Let your New Year’s Even ritual be the finding of your edge and exploring YOUR sacred wilderness within. If you seek it, find it, and nurture it, this deeper side of you will fuel your creativity for the entire year ahead. This place in me is where Sage Goddess was born. It’s where my freedom lives. Your freedom is right there, too. I want you to lean in and lay down in that freedom and spread your arms and legs to sense its embrace. This is your year. I know it. I can’t wait to see what 2015 holds for you.


And I’m holding space for what will be, from this place of freedom, for both of us.


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  1. I took a picture earlier that captures my wildness, too. She is edgy, rebellious, and sensual.

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