August Full Moon and the Festival of Torches

Full Moon Festival of Torches

August Full Moon and the Festival of Torches

It’s a warm, summer night in ancient Rome and the first August Full Moon has illuminated the dark sky. Men, women, and hunting hounds march toward Lake Elemi on Diana’s sacred road, crowned with twinkling lights. Women and girls steadily hold candles and torches, smiling and dancing gleefully with flowers woven in their freshly-washed hair. Slaves are dressed in proper clothes, bound to no one but themselves. Boats are lit with oil lamps ferrying the Romans across the dark, mirrored waters of Lake Elemi toward Diana’s temple. This is the celebration of Nemoralia – the Festival of Torches.

Those dedicated to goddess Diana wrap prayers and wishes, written on delicate ribbons, around trees. They offer her gifts of fruits, votives, and statues. They give thanks for nature, its creatures, the sun and moon – all of which Diana presides over. Goddess Diana was also revered as the goddess of the woods, children, fertility, and wild animals, and as such, the hunting hounds were also honored and adorned with flowers. Hundreds of worshippers gathered around in love and harmony as Diana blessed their world with her radiance. Some women would even bathe in Lake Elemi as a ritual – to cleanse themselves with the sacred waters of goddess Diana for protection for the year ahead.

During Nemoralia, the head of the family is permitted to walk around their house with a lit lamp, torch, or candle while whispering Diana’s praises. As the flame burned, it created a protective shield around the home. No evil spirit or disaster could enter for one year until the ceremony was renewed the following year.

In modern Italy, the Festival of Torches has remained a time of truce between humans, nature, and animals. Hunting or killing of any animal is forbidden and everyone is required to be on equal terms, regardless of status. On the first Full Moon of August, all lights reflect upon Lake Elemi and sparkle magically upon its surface.

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