Ley Lines: The World’s Magical Grid

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Ley Lines: The World’s Magical Grid

What are ley lines?

In 1921, Alfred Watkins developed the concept of ley lines. He believed that ley lines are straight, electromagnetic paths that connect to ancient sacred sites around the world. They can’t be seen on a map like longitude and latitude, but these lines are the foundational organization of the earth’s energetic grid. The Irish believe that ley lines are paths to fairies. Peruvians believe ley lines to be “spirit lines”. There are so many cultures around the world that believe that these lines lead to magic, and make it their mission to discover and decode this wisdom of interconnectedness through magnificent landmarks.

Major rock mining locations, monuments, and wonders on this planet are all gridded to each other via ley lines and vortex points – from the Great Pyramids of Giza to Stonehenge, to the Great Wall of China. These lines are patterns infused with supernatural energy that intersect and flow and can be harnessed by magical practitioners around the world. In the United States, some of the sites that fall on ley lines are Bighorn Medicine Wheel in Wyoming, Sedona Arizona, and Mount Shasta in California. Intersecting ley lines create vortexes or spirals of energy similar to chakras. These vortexes are either negative or positive much like yin and yang energy, capable of healing and aligning your energy as well as Mother Earth’s.

Ways to work with ley lines 🌐 💎

Crystals can hold energy and those found in and on ley lines are especially powerful. Magical practitioners reinforce ley lines and connections by amplifying the crystals’ unique vibrational patterns so that they can easily transmit their wisdom to their owners. They travel to major vortexes around the world to meditate and hold ritual ceremony and charge their crystals with the reciprocal energy they receive and release from the ley lines. To work with ley lines, you must journey to these places, even mentally, and engage with this energy. Another way to work with ley lines is to purchase crystals that have been mined from major vortexes, like the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show! To learn more about the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, click here.

You might ask why anyone would go to so much trouble to connect their crystals to each other and to the land. Metaphysical practitioners and crystal healers believe that crystals are powerful transmitters of ancient wisdom, receptors of stored energy and messages from millennia ago. They have much to teach us about our planet and our lives today. The encoded messages we interpret from our crystals can help us lead better, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

Tucson is a major vortex!

Tucson itself is a major energetic vortex in North America, sitting along an important ley line in the center of powerful mountain ranges. Tucson is an ancient caldera, where volcanic activity yielded to erosion and rock slides to create the dramatic landscape of color and texture. The energy of fire from ancient volcanic activity unites with the desert rain and wind plus the minerals in the land formation to create a balance of the four cardinal elements. Healers and shamans who travel to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show each year believe that the presence of the four elements in Tucson’s natural environment creates a strong energetic foundation, which is amplified by the force of the crystals and minerals brought to the show each January and February.

A group of four healers/vendors work together to hold the four directions during the 3-week event. They begin by taking a single quartz generator and anchoring their own individual spaces, attaching the energy of the quartz to the energy of the vortex line that runs through Tucson. Then, they grid the generator to all of the crystals that they have brought to the show; next, they grid all of their crystals to all of the quartz and minerals still within the Earth in the surrounding mountains. Finally, they grid all of their crystals plus all of the crystals still in the Earth to all of the crystals for sale at other booths and shows in Tucson. Once this is done, they grid all of the stones at the show to all of the crystals on the planet.

In closing

Interested in getting some ley line charged crystals for yourself? Every year in January and February, people from around the globe gather in Tucson, Arizona, for the largest international gem and mineral show the world has to offer. I’m there every year, collecting the best of the best. Would you like me to bring some home to you? Check out the New & Just Listed category on SageGoddess.com for our Tucson offerings throughout the show.

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