When it comes to energy, Just Do You

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When it comes to energy, Just Do You

Social media is such a glimpse into our mindset, isn’t it? It’s like seeing into the human mind – what matters to us, what hurts us, what inspires us. Of course what matters differs for every person, but there is a consistent theme across all social media platforms: We are focused on everyone else and what they are doing, or saying, or creating, or even eating. I seek out posts from friends where there is an element of introspection or reflection, because I have learned that when people turn the lens inward and start excavating their own mental caves and spiritual crevices, that’s when paradigms shift and change happens. I’m not saying external events don’t matter, or shouldn’t; rather, what I am saying is that if you focus externally most of the time you are ignoring one massive energetic truth: The entire world is searching for, and aligning to, your energetic frequency. The universe is constantly sensing you and responding to you, sending you more of what you think about and focus on. So, if you think about and focus on other people, or problems in the world, all the time … you can imagine what happens to you. You become a wasteland of other people’s stuff, a mirror of those people, those problems, their stress and that anxiety. Instead, go inward and find your own inner light, assess your own frequency and attune it in the direction of your dreams, vibrating in perfect alignment with all you seek to create and possess – and all that means is staying focused on what you seek, not what you fear, which may sound really easy, but try it for a day and you’ll see just how much discipline such a seemingly small act requires.

This has been a struggle for me at times, if I’m honest. It’s too easy to compare yourself to other people, or to feel jealous when you perceive they have more or better than you do. Like my mother used to say, someone else will always be prettier, richer, and more successful than you. Tough dose of motherly love, but it’s true and in fact, who cares? Social media almost dares you to compare your life to everyone else’s, which might be fair if people really posted the authentic details of their lives in social media, but they don’t. Not most of them, anyway. It’s also easy to critique other people for their beliefs or for any reason, actually. The harder thing to do is to have compassion and stay focused on your own path. It takes serious spiritual ninja skills to truly just do you and just see others as gracefully moving on their own paths, in their own time, with their own gifts and challenges, and hold all of that with love.

One simple fact makes the process of focusing on your own energy much easier: Everyone is struggling. Don’t let anyone fool you. If you don’t know what a person’s struggle is, that’s just because they haven’t shown you yet. Some struggles are tiny perhaps by your estimation, but seem insurmountable to the one experiencing them right now. Can you turn off your judging thoughts and open yourself to energy streams of forgiveness, compassion, and release of anything that doesn’t belong to you?

Wow – what freedom you could find there, in truly not holding on to anyone or anything that doesn’t need to engage with you or your energy at this time, just letting them go with a whisper, on the breeze, effortlessly floating away from your attention in this time and space, drifting out of your awareness as if it had never arrived. Saying ‘thank you thank you thank you’ to whatever you release, for it likely taught or brought you something of value. Saying ‘I love you’ as you let go, so that whatever is released goes on its way in peace. Saying ‘please forgive me’ in case whatever you are releasing was harmed by you in any way, for that is your responsibility to reconcile even if you are not at fault. And lastly, saying ‘I’m sorry’ as you surrender whatever this is, offering words of genuine remorse for any wrongdoing on your part without expectation of an apology in return. Just saying the words because they are true for your heart, knowing they do not have to be true in another heart to be valid in yours. This sequence is known in Hawaiian mysticism as the Ho’oponopono prayer of reconciliation and forgiveness, and it carries an intense healing vibration. For me, this is a nightly ritual. The ones you forgive do not need to be present to receive the forgiveness and compassion.

Just “doing you” doesn’t mean you avoid responsibility for the energies around you – quite the opposite, in fact. Just doing you means you are supremely responsible for your own energy and because of that, you walk with care on the Earth and offer forgiveness easily as you know that it is not difficult to tread on the feelings of others, even for the most compassionate and kind person.

Maybe just for today, let go of what your mom did, your father said, your brother stole from you, or your sister prevented you from having. Maybe just for today, release your resentment of your ex, forgive your children for hurting you, and let go of your anger at yourself. Do this one gentle step at a time, asking for forgiveness, saying you are sorry, then affirming that you love yourself and these people because you are One essence. Last, thank them for whatever they brought to you, for all life experiences are a learning in this grand classroom of love.

If you just do you, I’ll just do me, and on we shall go, accountable for our own energy and finding that to our delight, because we are no longer resisting the river or blocking its flow, all that we seek begins to arrive on our doorstep with grace. A coincidence? Not really. Once you get out of your own way, your life can fully begin. The universe has been waiting for you to read this blog for a very long time.

Enjoy these first steps toward peace, dear friend. Keep on keepin’ on. And remember, once you mind your frequency, the entire universe will attune to you. For too long, you’ve attuned to everything else. Feel now the freedom of setting the temperature rather than acclimating to it.

Victim, no more.
A’ho and on we go.

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  1. I took a break from social media for the exact reason above. I needed to focus on my reactions and what I needed to do for myself in order to transmute and heal other issues I faced daily. I always try to remind myself of this: What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it—let it be something good. So I try to approach everything with love only and to do no harm. Thank you for this blog!!

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