What is up with this month? April’s winds of change


What is up with this month? April’s winds of change

I’m often asked what is UP with a particular month. Crazy energy, stress, anxiety. Some months bring more of these intense sensations than others. April 2014 is rocking people’s worlds more than usual, it seems.

I have a theory.

April is a wind month of change and turbulence, a time of movement and intensification of energy as the first full month of the growth season gets underway. With universal support, we begin pushing our roots down into the Earth now, spreading and extending them into rich soil. We don’t yet see the signs of our growth above the soil line, but under the soil our potential is emerging. In the Northern Hemisphere we see the end of our winter storm season this month, the trailing off of water influences, and thus our transition to air begins. Air clears, it blows through, it reveals.

Eclipses of our sun and moon mirror this energy of clarity and revelation this month. April 15 brings a full moon lunar eclipse in Libra and April 30 brings a new moon solar eclipse in Taurus. If you are a Libra or Taurus you will feel the effects of these bookending eclipses more powerfully than any other signs. In fact, I’d venture to say your life is about to change. The winds are blowing. Your job is to go with the blow, lean way into it. Don’t resist the force; try to bend with it. I don’t think we have much choice this month.

May these winds blow change into your life that abounds with beauty, even if at first the sensation is uncomfortable. Don’t resist it. You might find your more shadowy aspects emerging right now; eclipses summon the shadow because they reveal what is hidden. Acknowledging and recognizing this activation of shadow will also allow you to surrender more gracefully this month and not resist what the eclipses need to show you. Whatever is coming to light needs to be seen.

May you be blessed in this windy month of change and emergence. So it is.

6 thoughts on “What is up with this month? April’s winds of change

  1. My Mom passed away April 1st… I’m having a hard time dealing with this. This helps put some things in perspective. Thank you <3

  2. Oh, wow. My birthday is on April 30, and I’m a Taurus, of course. I have been sensing change on the horizon. I feel it has to do with my life purpose.

    1. I’m Apr 30 too 🙂 I find it interesting to note her discussion of shadow side coming out because I’ve been feeling that fire lately.

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