Spirit, rising


Spirit, rising

Easter Blessings, everyone on this day of such significance and ceremonial value to many around the world. I always find deep peace on Easter day, raised in a Christian home to see Easter as the return to Spirit of Jesus Christ, his resurrection to meet Spirit and transcend the material world following his crucifixion. While this is not my spiritual tradition as an adult, I honor the holidays of all traditions, and find that they offer deep wisdom and medicine to my soul if I can see their applicability to my own sacred practice. Easter reminds us to rise – to move beyond the pain, limitations, and challenges of our physical form to meet Spirit on Spirit’s terms. In what areas of your life do you need to rise and transcend? Claim that transcendence today – name it, activate it.

For me, the day begins in meditation and prayer. I ask for guidance and wisdom from Great Spirit as I seek to transcend the material in my own life. How can I be of service? I try to be out in nature as much as possible on Easter. I pick the first of spring roses to dry for my offering blends and medicine bags, and also gather fruit blossoms, geraniums, and cypress – a tree that is sacred to my people for its properties of acceptance, releasing, and becoming. The Oracle at Delphi would burn cypress in ancient Greece before telling her visions; it illuminated for her what needed to be known. I burn cypress for the same reason and make enough of these at Easter to last the whole spring and summer. Cypress also teaches us to use our wings. We never know how far we can fly until we test our wingspan in the air.

One of my favorite Rumi quotes is this, and I leave it with you today for your meditation as you enjoy Easter around the world:

not meant for crawling

And so, it is. Blessings as you rise,

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