Make a Wish! Ceremonies and Intentions for the New Year, 2018 

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Make a Wish! Ceremonies and Intentions for the New Year, 2018 

The powerful, vibrational energy of 2018 presents us with the opportunity to manifest our greatest desires. Our ancestors believed that everything in the Universe could be broken down into cycles and numbers. They knew that numbers are alive with magic. Pythagoras, the ancient Greek mathematician who discovered many Universal formulas, revolutionizing math and physics, posited that each number held a sacred meaning and its own vibration.

Sumerians believed that just naming something can breathe it into existence. Your words truly have the power to manifest your wishes. Can you imagine the possibilities you are capable of creating?

An 11 Universal Year, 2018 offers us new opportunities for seeing truth, connecting with spirit guides, achieving fame, and bringing dreams to fruition. The number 11, one of three Master Numbers, is thought to be the most intuitive of all. The number 1 is particularly magical, because it is the generator of all other numbers, and every number that exists can be divided by 1. As a repetition of 1, 11 holds the primary force of the Universe. It is at once independent and collective.

Has anyone ever told you to make a wish at 11:11? It’s because when you see these numbers, they signify an incredible opportunity for you to align with your soul path – the Universe is opening up to listen to you. In the year to come, we will have greater access to other dimensions, with the potential for great abundance by bringing dreams, thoughts, and vision into form.

New Year’s Eve is a time of cleansing; making way for new beginnings and traditions by letting go of what no longer serves you – creating space for grander wishes and manifestations. Every culture has its own way of preparing for the year ahead. In Brazil, people wear white while jumping seven waves in the ocean –  a way of cleansing their past – and pay tribute to Yemanjá with bouquets of white flowers. In return, Yemanjá, goddess of the sea, will bless them with a prosperous new path. In Russia, people write their wishes down on a piece of paper, burn it, and sprinkle the ashes in their champagne.

Cubans clean their houses every New Year, as a way of removing residual negative energies. It is said that the house has to be clean enough to invite a deity into. If your wish is to travel during the year ahead, it’s also a Cuban custom to walk around your neighborhood with a suitcase. In Spain, it’s good luck to eat 12 grapes at midnight, symbolizing prosperity for each month of the New Year.

The power of our intentions is magnified for the upcoming year. I recommend indulging in the ceremony that calls to you, or creating your own, as you can use the magical energy of 1 to manifest anything you desire. Knowing this power, it is also wise to tread lightly when speaking words of intention. Remember… if you’ve manifested it, you wished and asked for it at some time. Your manifestation power is so potent at this moment in time, that you must avoid entertaining negativity or fears of any kind. Think of what you truly wish to happen with love, generosity, and a spark of hope. This is the year of setting goals and achieving them. In 2018, you have the potential to influence history in the making. Use your power wisely, my loves.

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