How love magic really works: A message for the broken-hearted

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How love magic really works: A message for the broken-hearted

Have you noticed what happens when you look for love?

When you chase it, or try to hold it in your hand? If you’ve lived a while, you know exactly what happens when you try to imprison or confine love; it slips and slithers away, through the bars of the prison, through the chains of your heart, through the closed grasp of your first.

Love will not be held, confined, or ruled.

Love wishes not to be discovered. Instead, love seeks to discover, to flow, to move, to migrate, the evolve. Love does not belong to you. No other soul belongs to you. Souls can belong with you, but that’s a different matter entirely.

When you feel like you’ve looked, chased, and tracked love down only to be left alone and sad, it’s time for a cosmic wakeup call: Love discovers. Love finds. Love seeks. And it seeks those who aren’t seeing it back. Love wants to surprise and delight you, find you at the point of need and despair and fill your cup back up to the brim with optimism, hope, and strength. Love waits until you say to yourself, ‘that’s it! I’ll never find love again!’ to swoop in and deliver that steady, perfect love to you in perfect time.
When love finds us, everyone rejoices – right? An answer to prayer, it must be! Or, is it simply a reward for long and even patience, trust, and faith. Is love the reward for becoming your fullest authentic self and surrendering the need to have a partner because you are, in fact, a perfect echo of love? Is love the honoring of your own sovereignty and your own unique ability to become the things you believe you need? I have learned that love is a teacher. Love instructs us in the divine art of self care and internal appreciation. Once you come to the place where you say, “I don’t need another to complete or validate me,” love knows that you are in fact more ready than ever to be partnered because your expectations will be aligned with what another can truly provide to you: A mirror.
Our partners, our loves are only beautiful mirrors for us to gaze into and see both our beauties and our challenges. Our partners convey to us all that still needs to grow, become, and evolve. When you understand that love is simply a mirror of your own capacity to experience love, then you’ll be ready to hold the most powerful emotion a human being can experience.
In your heart you will have been ready all along.
May you be surrounded by perfect mirrors of your beauty and your power in perfect time. May your moments of connection with true love live forever in your soul’s memory.
Amen, Aho, So it is.

4 thoughts on “How love magic really works: A message for the broken-hearted

  1. beautiful Athena 🙂

    thank you for offering LOVE welcoming this day.
    i receive your love, and i give you my love
    all of you beautiful SageGoddesses


  2. This is absolutely beautiful! I really needed to hear this on this particular Valentine’s Day. Thank you, Athena!

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