Celebrating the arrival of spring: Ostara & Vernal Equinox


Celebrating the arrival of spring: Ostara & Vernal Equinox

On March 20, the length of day and night grows equal as the sun crosses the equator and in the northern hemisphere, this marks the coming of Spring. Magically, the vernal equinox is a time of celebration; we who practice the Old Ways honor the turn of season with ceremony, ritual, tool creation, and meditation. In our tradition, Ostara – the goddess of spring – is seen as the patron deity of the vernal equinox. She comes with her totem spirit, Rabbit, to bring birth, growth, and renewal to the land. The symbols of spring – eggs, flowers, bright colors (pink, green, yellow, and blue) can be found in nature as it comes to life.

I hope you’ll join my upcoming ritual on March 28 at 6 p.m. to honor Ostara at the March full moon. You can register here and as always, it’s free and very easy to participate. I have an incredible process planned for this ritual so you won’t want to miss it! And a giveaway too! The ritual set this month contains larimar and sardonyx, both stones that help with past life recall and we’ll be doing past life recall work during the ritual. The candle is wrapped with a special oil and gem blend designed to enhance past life connection and memory as well. And there is a limited supply to go around.

I look forward to seeing you on the 28th and wish you a month of Spring magic that delights your many senses.

I’ll be back next week with ritual and altar decoration ideas for Ostara. You can also find more information on the magical correspondences of this holiday over at Ars Magica. I’m so blessed to be able to spread the magic of these high holidays with all of you.

Spring blessings abound. May they be yours in abundance.
So it is.

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  1. Just beautiful!! I saw my first rabbit of this new season yesterday evening. I’m ready to celebrate 🙂

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