We Are Sacred Geometry

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We Are Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry is fascinating. Mind-boggling, even. We are each a part of a larger pattern — individualized designs with specific and precise measurements, curves, lines, and proportions, that when filled in and viewed from a cosmic lens reveal a colorful work of art — fluid, changing, richly beautiful, and vast. Can you learn to see yourself in this way? Can you learn to see others like this, too? As the wonderful work of art that you and they are?

What exactly is sacred geometry? In its simplest definition, sacred geometry is the meaning and symbolism that is attributed to certain shapes and proportions. On a deeper level, sacred geometry is the place where mind and matter, the spiritual and the physical, the manifest and unmanifest, the bound and boundless meet. If you can imagine an architect’s blueprint you can capture a snapshot of just how integral to life sacred geometry is. Just as the blueprint informs the layout, placement, spacing and more of a building, so too does sacred geometry inform the layout, placement, and spacing of Earth, the universes, and all of their inhabitants. At the heart of everything is a mathematical code that inspires, influences, and informs it and how it appears in physical reality. In short, sacred geometry is the underlying and organizing principle of Creation.

It’s disconcerting to look at the news and see so much disharmony when we live in and are part of a Universe that at its core and very nature is, harmonious. Despite what we see and hear in the news and experience in our day-to-day interactions — from the separation of children from their families to countries dealing with famine and homelessness to unfair immigration policies to senseless deaths — beneath it all there is harmony. A bit discordant and shifting, yet harmonious just the same.

There’s harmony in the discord. Likewise, there’s discord in the harmony.

I think this is what Source is revealing to us now more than ever. I believe that we are feeling the dissonance so that we are compelled to get back in tune with the true nature of who we are. The collective illusion of separation is no longer an option; it is a facade that we must relinquish if we are to sing and illustrate the greatness that we are all being called to embrace and be.  

What I love about sacred geometry is this: It reminds us of our intrinsic, inseparable connection to all of life. Sacred geometry is everywhere. It’s in the trees that give us shade. The hands that do the lifting for us. Our feet that carry and ground us to the fertile and rich soil of Gaia. The seeds that yield us the food we eat. In the pattern of a June bug’s flight. The shape of a bee’s hive and the honeycomb. The gems and crystals that we cherish and hold so dear to our spiritual practice, growth, healing, and manifestation. The crystalline structure of the water we drink and bathe in. There’s even sacred geometry in a spider’s web. It beautifully illustrates the interconnectedness of all things — each individual pocket serves an individual purpose yet contributes to the greater whole of the web itself. Life is much that way. We are all a part of the tapestry and simultaneously, creators of it and our individual tapestries. It all works together for the greater good of all involved.

Lean in a little closer and let this truth sink in: You … me … we are sacred geometry. We are like the overlapping and interconnecting circles of the Tree of Life, individual and complete on our own, yet dependent upon and working with each other to create the fabric of life. We are each an integral and precise formula illuminating the grand design of a Master Sculptor. I feel that sacred geometrical structures such as the Temple of Osiris and the pyramids in Egypt, and the Forbidden City in Japan are there not only to be revered and admired but to remind and reflect us our innate sacredness, magnificence, and power. No more looking solely outside of ourselves for the answers — we must honor the sacredness of our personal temples, our own bodies, and tap into the universal wisdom that awaits us there.

Everything is geometric. Everything. As we engage with geometry, we engage with the mind of Source. Sacred geometry reminds us of the deep connection between everything in the world, proving the world shares a collective consciousness. Through sacred geometry, we see just how truly interconnected all of life is and are reminded that everything comes from and returns to the same Source. When you explore, deepen, and engage with sacred geometry, you are exploring, deepening, and engaging with the mind of Source, or Spirit. When you understand the basics of sacred geometry, you connect to all of life and Source itself. If we began to see each other as the sacred geometry that we are, honoring the beauty in our respective colors, shades, hues, curves, and lines, we would see that we are all an intrinsic and necessary equation of a universal masterpiece of the Great Artist itself.

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  1. This article had me in tears :”) This is so beautiful and enlightening. Thank you for sharing your wonderful insights.

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