How to Set Intentions for 2016

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How to Set Intentions for 2016

Navigating New Beginnings, Numerology, and Mercury in Retrograde This Year

I love the space between Christmas and the New Year – a beautifully sacred window into the energy of the coming year, a place to find quiet clarity and listen closely for the voice of Spirit. Over the past several days as I’ve sat in meditation for 2016, a rush of information has come for me. So many universal forces are hanging in the ether this January, all to be considered when setting intentions for our Highest Selves and the good of all. You have done beautiful work laying foundations in 2015, and you are now ready to seal this progress for the year ahead. To that end, I feel called to share a process to dance with the many energies gracefully, even when the path feels unclear.

There is always a surge of inner power that rises up in the New Year, a readiness to bring new blessings into our lives. However, next month, on January 5th, the cycle of Mercury in Retrograde begins, bringing a powerful contrasting force. We are called not to take on new endeavors but rather revisit the past. With all the manifestation energy on New Year’s Day, how do we set intentions without fighting the force of Mercury’s turn? I asked, and the answer emerged. This year is for a finishing of what has been undone. This is a 9 year, a year of closure.

In the study of numerology, 2016 is ruled by the power of the number 9. This is the number of completion, which encourages us to seal and lay to rest anything that isn’t serving us. How powerful that this energy aligns so clearly with Mercury’s retrograde movement! We now have a window to revisit and reprogram old ideas, messages and forces in our lives. Do you find yourself setting the same goals year after year and not quite seeing them to an end? 2016 is the year to channel your inner fire and manifest it fully and finally. Ponder your false starts and set an intention to see them through. Perhaps you have loose ends that need to be tied? Recall your old relationships that haven’t supported you, or projects that weren’t finished, and declare NOW the time to release and complete them. What are you ready to finish this year? Name it and tell the Universe now is the time.

There are many sacred tools to work with for setting and sealing your year’s intentions, so I created several special ritual sets to see your heart’s desires realized in the physical plane. My Bay Leaf Intention Set works with Earth and Fire elements to send your intention to Source. I also created this beautiful Intention Bottle to keep your dreams in sight and mind through the year. Whatever tools call to you, feel confident that this year has the power to create miracles. I believe in you, and in my heart I am certain you have a beautiful year ahead. The more you set intentions in the coming days to finish what needs to be completed, the more aligned you will be with all cosmic and astrological influences.

Many blessings in 2016,


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