How to Read Your Angel Numbers

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How to Read Your Angel Numbers

What are angel numbers?

Do you repeatedly see the same number or sequence of numbers? Perhaps it’s a specific time displayed on a clock or a recurring set of numbers on car license plates. The numbers could even hold a personal meaning, such as the birthday of a loved one or your own date of birth.

When you experience this phenomenon, you are receiving messages and guidance from the angels. Each number you see has a specific meaning just for you, and the order in which they appear is significant, too.

Angels and spirits are constantly communicating with us. Seeing your numbers as they pass by is only one of the ways that angels relay their divine messages. When you consistently see the same numbers, know that the angels are speaking to you. Some examples are repeating patterns of the same number, sequences of numbers that add up to the same sum, or sequences that represent birthdays or other meaningful dates.

Remember that nothing crosses your path by accident — all is in divine time and meant to be. Your guides and angels are speaking to you as you read this blog, so if you’ve found your way to this blog, trust it’s for a reason, and a deeper message is being relayed to you.

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Not seeing angel numbers? Don’t worry

Angel numbers connect us with our guides

Recognizing and interpreting the repeating number sequences being sent to us from above connects us to our angels and guides. Noticing the number patterns and messages being sent to us requires that we be present in the moment.

The conscious mind must register the sequence shown to us to get the message. This opens up our connection, allowing us to open the door to our relationship with the angelic realm, bringing us clarity, serenity, hope, peace, and love. When the connection is open and flowing, we feel supported and guided as we walk our path.

You may be asking what to do if you feel as though you do not see angel numbers. The answer is simple: Ask your angels to communicate with you through numbers. Your guides and angels are waiting for you to call in their assistance.

Sit quietly to connect with your guides, work with stones that deepen the angelic connection, such as angelite or celestite, and request their help. Call to them by name. The angels also love it when you thank them three times. You can say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

As you remain open and aware of your surroundings, you will often find that your angel numbers appear quite often. Remember, your guides will not interfere until you ask for their help.

Reading your angel numbers

Our guides communicate with us through angel numbers

When they reveal numbers to you, your guides call you to explore those numbers’ vibrational significance. They are giving you a gentle nudge to quiet your mind and reflect on those numbers, their purpose, their meaning, and their message — they are using the opportunity to communicate with you in a way that requires you to explore your powers of intuition.

Each message they bring is as individual and unique as our own energetic blueprints. So the message of angel number 1212 for one person will be different for another. It’s up to you to undertake the actions to decipher your message.

Interpreting the messages of your angel numbers is an effective way of connecting with your angels and guides. Taking the time to listen to and decode the messages being sent to you is a practice in the art of nurturing, hearing, and listening. Just as we do in our relationships with other people, we must also devote time and energy to our relationships with our angels and guides. This lets your guides know you are open and listening to their communication.

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Steps to take

Be sure to thank your guides for sending you messages through angel numbers

When seeing angel numbers, the first step is to thank your angels for their message. Then:

  • Make a note of the numbers and how you felt at the time. What were you thinking about?
  • If you are busy, take notice and return to the communication when you can devote time to interpreting what is being communicated.
  • When you are able, research what the angel numbers specifically shown to you mean. Interpreting your numbers is a very personal experience, and it is an act that will require you to use your innate intuitive skills.
  • Specific sequences, such as your date of birth, often carry the message to focus on your life purpose and soul path. This is when you practice self-reflection to discover which direction you are being led in.
  • If you see more than three numbers in a sequence, the center numbers are usually meant to attract your awareness, as they carry the message.
  • If you need assistance honing your intuition, you may choose to work with crystals like angel aura quartz, star muscovite, or indigo agate. Hold these stones as you visualize yourself connecting with your guides via your Crown and Third Eye Chakras.
  • Sequences can also be added together to equal one master number, which may carry the message being delivered to you.

The important aspect of decoding your angel numbers is being consciously aware of the sequences shown to you. Whether you understand the exact message, it still resonates with you on a deeper soul level. Your subconscious mind is seeing, hearing, and understanding it, even if you don’t at that moment.

Let go of the need to understand with your human consciousness, as this allows the messages to permeate your soul. Have faith that your soul will know what to do and guide you forward if you make the space within. Trust your intuition — it is the voice of your angelic guides.

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