How to Charge Your Gemstones


How to Charge Your Gemstones

Formed by the evolution of the Earth over time, each crystal or gemstone carries its own metaphysical properties, and vibrates with its own frequency. Gemstones are powerful tools you can use to magnify and direct energy. It is important to remember that you are using gemstones to work with energy; the gemstone itself is not the energy, but a conductor, amplifier, generator, and director. Individual gemstones vibrate at particular frequencies that naturally resonate with certain energy patterns, manifestations, and intentions. Intentionally choosing stones to work with can bring transformative changes.

Gemstones emit powerful and unique energetic vibrations that impact how you feel, sense, and interact with your environment. I encourage you to select stones to work with based on their individual properties, and your intentions. Visual attraction alone will not always bring the results you seek. However, if there is a particular stone you are drawn to visually, it may be a subconscious realization of an unexpressed need. Don’t ignore your instincts.

Some people are highly sensitive to gemstone vibrations while others are not. As you raise your own vibration, you will be more in touch with, and more readily able to use, your own intuition as a guide. Try not to assume that just because you aren’t sensitive to gemstone vibrations today, you aren’t able to work with them at all. Give yourself time, and recognize that energy work is a process and a skill that you develop and hone over time.

Charging your gemstones involves setting your intention and purpose. Ask yourself honestly what you seek to manifest, release, or in what ways you are committed to growing. Some common intentions that often lead people to work with crystals and gemstones are: healing, love, wealth, spiritual growth, endings and beginnings, and happiness. With any of the charging methods below, send your intentions, and their associated thoughts, feelings, and vibrations into the Universe, thanking the specific gemstone(s) for being your true ally in this energy work.

Firstly, always clear any negative or unwanted energy from your stones. Place your stone under the light of the full moon for 24 hours, or use sage smoke or spray to sufficiently clear energies and purify. Some people find that when they receive a gemstone from Sage Goddess that they want to KEEP the particular vibration attached to it. All SG stones come from our sacred space, our well, and are infused with intentions of peace, harmony, and deep alignment with our planet. We grid our spaces here and you can feel the difference. So, if you want to maintain that vibe do not smudge your stones.

Using a Charging Grid: Gridding is a powerful and beautiful way to use multiples of certain gemstones to achieve a desired outcome. If you watched my video you know that I work in multiples of FOUR because of course the Medicine Wheel has four cardinal directions: North, South, East, and West. You can use four quartz points to make the four cardinal directions and then work in multiples of four if you wish to honor both the quarters and cross-quarters: N, S, E, W, and NE, NW, SE, SW. Feng Shui is a complementary practice that acknowledges the ways certain directions anchor important energies. You can think about the energies of directions when choosing which stones to work with in your grid.

Preview YouTube video How to charge your gems with a quartz crystal gridHow to charge your gems with a quartz crystal grid

Using a Charging Stone: Stones can clear and energize each other. Place the stone you are working with directly on or against a charging stone for 24 hours or until it feels full. Selenite and quartz are fantastic examples of charging crystals. Remember that Black Kyanite clears ALL energies from all objects, without holding any energy or charge. No other stone has those unique qualities!

Using a Plant: Energy flows vibrantly through thriving nature. Place your gemstone in the soil and amongst the leaves of a healthy, growing plant for 24 hours or more. If you place Green Aventurine in your plants, they will root faster, grow stronger, and thrive better.

Using Burial: Mother Earth generously takes away that which no longer serves and returns it to a state of fertile ground. Burying stones in the earth for a week or more will clear and charge them. This method is particularly suited to grounding gemstones such as smoky quartz and red jasper. You can even grid within the Earth and then bury the entire grid.

Charging gemstones is a simple practice that can achieve potent results. It is a good example of how we often need very little to accomplish very much. Everything is energy, including your intention. Use it with Love and for the Highest Good. Crystals, gemstones and all gifts of the Earth innately hold the imprint of Life itself and are more than willing to serve the Truth and greatest purpose once you learn to tap into their energy.  


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  1. Thankyou si much fir the info…im just starting to use gem stones and am a sponge for any thing i can learn to help me on my journey…i know you have the classes and as soon as im able wull sign up for those as well. These little tidbits help a lot…thanks again for your knowledge and yoyr heart!

  2. Thank you for the information!
    I have a crystal bell. Can the sound from the bell be used to clear my stones?

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