Goddess Guide: 5 Strategies for Self-Empowerment

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Goddess Guide: 5 Strategies for Self-Empowerment

Do you stand up for yourself? Are you your number one champion? This month, we’re turning to Pallas Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom and justice for inspiration. Pallas was a fierce warrior and defender of the people’s rights. She’s also associated with intelligence, competition, the arts, politics, law, and healing. She was a master of strategy – something we don’t always give much attention to because life gets busy, we get tired, and we lose sight of the bigger picture and possibilities. August seems like a good month to get back in the game when it comes to knowing your causes; what you believe in, will stand up for, and even fight for. Do you have a personal strategy? If you’re just waiting and hoping your life will go in a new direction, it’s not likely to happen. Pallas Athena used her head to visualize her success, anticipating what was coming and planning the best steps to take. She’s a powerful goddess who knows what it means to win and how to do it. In this blog, I’ll share 5 strategies for self-empowerment to increase your confidence and courage and summon your wise inner warrior. 

5 Strategies for Self-Empowerment

1) Be your own champion

There is no one out there who can meet your needs better than you. Think about it. There’s no mind reading, no miscommunication. You know exactly what you want and what you need and this is where becoming your own champion comes into play. Starting today, cheer yourself on and take into account the decisions you’re making. While this can be as easy as giving yourself a compliment when you look in the mirror, it also means using self-discipline. Are you taking care of your body and making healthy choices? Are you surrounding yourself with other people who support your goals? These are YOUR choices to make. Essentially start treating yourself like your best friend and become your own number one fan. Then, when you see the spider in your kitchen you won’t even need to call for your partner, you’ll just handle it like the boss you are! 

2) Be a champion for others

Just like it feels good to receive compliments, it feels even better to give them. One thing I’ve learned is that when you support others, the Universe wants to support you as well. When your friend gets something you want, it’s natural to feel jealous, but when you put out energies of support and congratulations, it comes around full circle back to you. Not only that, but the same people you support will be there for you in return. And, it just feels better than being negative. Kindness spreads like wildflowers. Pick a few and hand them out 💐

3) Engage in healthy competition

What’s wrong with a little competition? Being extra agreeable all the time or just letting others have their way isn’t good for anyone. I’m not suggesting the kind of competition that goes overboard and brings out anger, shame, and division. I’m talking about healthy competition that gets you excited, thinking, and strategizing. The kind that brings out your “winning” drive and pushes you to be a better version of yourself. “Going for it” is empowering and competition can be fun – just ask any Aries or Sagittarius! It gets the blood flowing and gives you energy. You might not think of competition as a relationship-building activity, but it is! It connects you with others and brings a sense of comradeship. Competing together as a team or against someone else is intimate. It feels good being met and meeting your match. Competition can bring out respect and appreciation of others’ talents and it lets you share your strengths, too. 

4) Tap into your own wisdom and follow it

What’s your personal wisdom? We often think of wisdom in a narrow way, like a library of knowledge. We’re all wise, but in different ways. Knowing your own type of wisdom is empowering. In astrology, we can work with the asteroid Pallas Athena in the birth chart to reveal your personal wisdom signature. If your Pallas is in the sign of Aries, you might be wise when it comes to leadership or reacting in a crisis. If your Pallas is in Scorpio, like mine, your wisdom is in revealing what’s hidden and getting to the root or deepest truth of things. Pallas in Scorpio people are often gifted in psychology, research, investigation, hypnosis, and past-life regression. It should come as no surprise I’m so passionate about shadow work! So, claim your wisdom and start using it if you’re not already. Whatever you have a natural knowing about, tune in and follow it!  

5) Work with tiger’s eye

Working with tiger’s eye is one of the easiest ways to step into your own power. This stone activates the Solar Plexus Chakra, your energy center of confidence, power, and manifestation. Tiger’s eye is considered Pallas Athena’s totem gem and is often called the Counsel Stone. It will be your companion in difficult moments, a stone to be consulted for wisdom and direction, much like Athena was in ancient times. Tiger’s eye enhances intuition and brings protection, discernment, and the ability to see ahead. You can also meditate with it to channel visions of past lives. Keep a piece of tiger’s eye with you to face challenges with courage, remember your true purpose, and take the lead in your own life.

Your Monthly Cosmic Forecast🌛🌝🌜

By the end of the month, Mercury, Venus, Mars and the Sun will all be in Virgo, and just like Pallas Athena, Virgo represents a badass goddess in her own right. Here’s some of the cosmic activity you can look forward to in August:

August 11: Jupiter Direct: Have you got your life strategy all worked out? I’m joking of course, but when Jupiter turns direct, it’s natural to move forward when it comes to living your path and purpose. If your heart’s been pulling you in a certain direction, trust your intuition and go for it!

August 11: Mercury Enters Leo: “Let me hear you roar!” is the quintessence of Mercury in Leo. This transit is an invitation to speak and be heard, but be creative when you do it. Find a way to share what you’ve got to say with that charisma and open-heartedness Leo’s famous for, so people will WANT to hear it.

August 11: Uranus Retrograde in Taurus (until January 10, 2020): We’re entering five months of Uranus Retrograde and the best advice I have is: Expect the bottom to drop out – of something. And it’s a good thing because it’s not providing the stability you really need. Use this time to let go of attachments to anything that feels “safe” but holds you back. And get creative when it comes to money and resources. If something falls apart, there’s a better way to do it. 

August 15: Full Moon in Aquarius: Full Moons are always a time to shine and in the sign of Aquarius, this one holds the light of hope. In the Tarot, Aquarius corresponds with The Star card. The Star stands for healing, renewed optimism, the wisdom of the cosmos, and vision for the future. How are you contributing to making this world a better place?

August 17: Mars Enters Virgo: When Mars transits Virgo, the Warrior can’t just resort to attacking or running away. Practical Virgo demands a more thoughtful process than that. If you tend to act before you think or hit the road when the going gets tough, the next eight weeks will test your patience. Give “working it out” a real effort.

August 21: Venus enters Virgo: Venus in Virgo needs to get the details right, and she expects it of others, too. She’s the goddess of precision and perfection. This is my natal Venus placement, so I know something about it 😉 Work with this energy to create beautiful things and find ways to make improvements that are truly worth the effort.

August 23: Sun enters Virgo: One of the most basic and important things to care for is your body. Virgo represents physicality and your body is your temple; your church or sanctuary. Treat it well – it’s the home of your Spirit. 

August 29: Mercury Enters Virgo:  If there’s a problem you need to solve, dig in and find the answer! The Mercury-mind has extra analytical powers during this transit. Even things that seemed impossible to work out are worth re-examining.

August 30: New Moon in Virgo: Here at SG, we’re channeling Bear Medicine for this New Moon in Virgo. This is our last summer new moon and we’re all feeling the draw of autumn and shadow season. If you’ve been busy this summer, take a cue from bear and take time to rest and heal. Set an intention to find your inner sanctuary and go to that place as often as you need.

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My Favorites for August

Chakra: Solar Plexus. Your Solar Plexus Chakra is your energetic center of power and confidence. It’s located just above the belly button; right at your core. When this energy center is aligned you feel comfortable with your own power, able to take action courageously, but without forcing your will on others. The Solar Plexus color is bright yellow like the Sun and represents your life force. Work with this chakra to manifest your desires, develop your leadership abilities, and maintain a positive outlook on life.  

Tarot: Justice XI. Goddess Athena is often associated with the Justice card because of her fair-mindedness. Pallas Athena does not let her emotions overtake objective thinking when it comes to making decisions, especially when there are serious consequences involved. The Justice card is all about balance and the wisdom it takes to bring things into alignment. When it shows up in a reading, It’s time to weigh-in with yourself and make choices that restore the harmony, both inside and out. Justice calls you to be true to yourself and others. 

Spirit Animal: Tiger. Tigers are impressive living symbols of passion and power! The tiger is a strategic and fierce hunter, and unlike other big cats, it’s an excellent swimmer. This gives tiger water element mastery along with its natural fire and earthy sensuality. Working with Tiger Medicine will teach you to follow your own passion and make the best use of your power. It will help you know when to wait, when to be slow, when to be silent, and when to leap. 

Gems: Tiger’s eye, pyrite, yellow aventurine, yellow fluorite, golden healer quartz

Oils: Anise, grapefruit, juniper, lemon, mint, neroli, turmeric

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