Energetic Agency and the Power of the Sun

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Energetic Agency and the Power of the Sun

Everyday, the sun rises. Everyday, without fail, the sun comes forth with all of the energy needed to sustain life as we know it. The sun is constant. The sun does not hold back. The sun makes no discernment as to where its rays shine. Rather, the sun comes forth with power– abundant power, everyday. The sun is such a creative, magnetic agent, that our entire solar system revolves around it. The sun does not ask, the sun does not wait, the sun does not resist, nor does the sun complain. The sun is self-generating. The sun is our celestial life giver, our heavenly role model. The sun is the very essence of Divine Masculinity that lends itself so easily to godly exaltation: ever giving, ever abundant, ever potent, ever patient. Everyday, the sun is there, to wake you from your energetic slumber, and give you all the energy you need. Everyday.

Yet, today, most of us did not see the sun rise. Yes, we woke, got ready for our day. Then, we went off into the world. Daily, we comply. We try. We succeed. We fall short. We end the day only to start again. Wake, comply, try, succeed, fall short. Where is the energy? Where is the agency? Where is the spark of self-generating creation? Where is the magnetic flow in our lives? As an empath, I know your heart has greater yearnings. I feel you, I see you, wanting a deeper, more fulfilling, spiritual life. I hear you, asking, how do I get from here to there? To that goal, or this goal? Where is that path to fulfillment?

What I do, what I know, is that everyday, I am an agent unto myself. Like the sun, everyday, I rise. Everyday, without asking, without waiting, regardless of if I “want to,” or not, I choose to wake up and rise with the sun. You’ve gotta get up, anyways, right? You’ve gotta get up, and get out of bed. It’s when and how you wake, that is the choice. The Third Eye is most open between 4-6am in the morning. Waking up with the sun is your first step to authentic agency. Waking up and rising with intention, is the second. The morning is a special time, a spiritual time. It is the hour of purification, prayer and mediation, and sacred movement. Once you make the choice to rise up each day of your own accord, like the sun, you’ll notice that your eyes will open naturally at dawn. This is the magic of the Universe.

Our ancestors recognized the universal energy coming forth, everyday from the sun. The ancient Egyptians extolled the sun as Ra, and rose each day to greet the sun with Ma’at, an energy of plentitude and abundance. Later deified as the winged-goddess we know today, Ma’at is the feminine counterpart to Ra, as the moon is to the sun. To rise with the sun, and come forth with Ma’at, the good energy, is to align yourself with universal balance and the harmonic frequencies of a self-generating creational force.

What is the other choice? Sleep. Comply with the push and pull out in the world. Respond to the revolution of nature’s cycles, instead of energetically coming forward and meeting nature head on. I believe that compliancy naturally leads to complaining. You know, finding and voicing a lack. But, let’s face it, if the sun can’t fill your needs, who or what can? Align yourself with the energy of the sun. Become an agent of this energy. Come forth, rise, there is an internal revolution occurring within you. Just ask yourself, how dynamic are you? The energy of the sun is waiting for you to wake from your hibernation. Start now. Your agency is your choice. Rise, come forth, and greet the sun.

Rise and Shine,

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