Chinese Lunar New Year: Year of the Earth Pig

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Chinese Lunar New Year: Year of the Earth Pig

What is the Chinese Lunar New Year? 

Chinese Lunar New Year begins at the new moon that falls between January 21 and February 20. This year, in China’s time zone, the new moon day of the first Chinese lunar month is February 5. Lunar New Year, or the Spring Festival, is one of the most colorful events in the world, and the celebration continues beyond the day, often two weeks or more. This is the beginning of the year for China, and in timeless tradition, they will make sure it starts with an auspicious, delightful display!

Chinese Lunar New Year radiates the joy of new beginnings, renewal, and the sparks of light that re-connect us with the magic of life. Imagine bells ringing, firecrackers popping, a sea of color…powerful reds and golds, lanterns, costumes, dancers, and fireworks illuminating the night sky, overtaking the streets. Offerings are made to the ancestors, and the old is swept away, to usher in only the best fortune.

It’s the Year of the Earth Pig! 🌏 🐷

We are entering the Chinese Year of the Earth Pig. The element of Earth combined with pig brings a focus on adventure and international relationships. The Pig is considered a “Traveling Star”, encouraging travel as a means of exploring the beauty life has to offer. According to Chinese tradition, Earth Pig loves life and possesses intelligent, gentle, generous, and optimistic qualities. In 2019, we will learn to express more kindness and attentiveness with others. These efforts will be favored and rewarded, which also coincides with the Universal Year 3 – read more about what this means here!

The best quality of the Pig is the joy and thirst for life, inspiring optimism and whimsy. As with most things, Pig also has a weaker side. Because Pig can be a wide-eyed dreamer with extraordinary optimism, Pig can be naive, trusting others too easily. Pig, when uncautious, can also lack grounding and realism as it’s always better to be in la vie en rose (viewing life through rose-colored glasses). This is the year, Pig assures us, to keep your dreams large, your heart open, and your feet on the ground.

In closing

If this new moon and new year signify hope for your dreams and desires, how can you give it real shape and put your ideas into action? Can you use more adventure in your life? How can you be kinder to others and yourself? How can you instill more optimism, passion, and joy in your life? 2019 is the year to live the life you want to live and share the joy with others. Everything you’ve done, experienced, and built has led you to this point. It’s time to live more fully. It’s time to see your dreams come true. Happy Lunar New Year!

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  1. This year, I will focus on meditation, crystal research & healing, Goddesses & the Divine Feminine and taking at least a Reiki Level 1 class. To support doing most of this, one of our spare rooms currentky being used for storage will be refurbished into a retreat room. It will be a peaceful place to get away from the stresses of daily life. 💜🧚‍♀️💜🐷💜

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