Alter Your Altar January: New Year New Intentions

Goddess Guide Alter Your Altar January

Alter Your Altar January: New Year New Intentions

Are you ready to alter your altar in honor of the year 2017? This year is extraordinary, full to the brim with possibility and potential. Why? Because, in numerology, the mathematical sum of 2017 is the number 10, which is vibrationally equivalent to 1.

2+0+1+7= 10 / 1+0= 1

The sum of 2016 was 9, a closing number – a finalizing and tying-up-loose-ends number. But the number 1 symbolizes new beginnings. Do you feel the energy shifting? Your potential for this year is on fire, and your force of will is strong. Manifestation will come more easily in 2017. Are you ready to bring your dreams into the physical realm? This is the year to birth your creations, watch them grow, and dance in their thriving light.

The tools of Alter Your Altar January

Green Apatite: THE stone for wellness. It facilitates healthy weight loss, bringing your body into alignment with your ideal weight effortlessly and easily. It also helps to control your appetite, for shedding physical or energetic mass that is not of service to your Highest Good. And as if that isn’t enough reason to get this beauty, green apatite also helps ease financial burdens and stress, can help you find and land the right job, and gives you the boost you need to manifest your dreams.

Tibetan Quartz: The Master healer. It allows you to heal yourself or another, clearing especially the lower chakras of trauma and energetic residue. Meditate with this stone to invoke its crystal healing powers in your life on an ongoing basis, and use it in your rituals and ceremonies whenever you require its remedial magic in a specific situation.

Golden Healer Quartz: This is the most healing form of quartz, even beyond chlorite. It represents the sun and solar energy. It brings that warm energy to the healing it facilitates, and many reiki masters use this stone in their energy work. This stone would be great for performing body healing, in fact, I would lay a piece right on your Solar Plexus Chakra to expand and open you to increased self-confidence and willpower.

Arfvedsonite: Arfvedsonite is one of my favorite stones and it holds major manifesting power; it’s often mistaken for nuumite or astrophyllite but make no mistake, this crystal has a powerful magic all its own and a crystal structure that is very unique. It’s often mined with sugilite and manganese, so in addition to its manifestation properties it’s also a divine healer. I’ve heard many stories of people having huge success after working this stone. It synergistically blends with other stones to create all that you seek.

Rhyolite JapserThe healing, invigorating energy of rhyolite gives hope for the future, renewing you energetically and physically. Rhyolite is deeply connected to the Earth, introducing you to the lessons and great wisdom of nature. This grounding gemstone brings you into harmony with the natural world, aligning you to its balance as it resonates with the Heart Chakra. It helps you understand just how precious life is, how much there is to enjoy in the patterns of the world around you, and within yourself.

Labradorite: Labradorite is my go-to stone of new beginnings, for cosmic and spiritual rebooting. If you need a do-over, or if you’re setting intentions in the darkness of the new moon, this is your gemstone ally. Like the Hermit in the Tarot, labradorite helps light the path, illuminating the night sky and helping you see your way through challenges. Once you start working with labradorite, you’ll wonder how you ever did magical and spiritual work without it. Perfect for the new year!

Green Aventurine: Gratitude is where magic begins. Those who express gratitude experience greater abundance in their lives. Sounds simple, I know – but it’s quite challenging actually to get into (and stay in) a mindset of gratitude. It requires you to look around and focus on the positive, even offering thanks for things and people and experiences that challenge you. Green aventurine is here to help, and it brings abundance, growth, fertility and prosperity of all kinds.

Manifestation Tea Lights: The sacred work of setting and manifesting intentions is not always a brief process. We must find passion for what it is we wish to bring to life, inspire our action, and allow ourselves to receive. And, of course, we must focus. Focus on what you hope to see, what you wish to make real with my new Manifestation tea lights, intended to aid you as you work to bring miracles to light. Then allow the Universe to work on your behalf.

And remember, add anything that aligns with your new year intentions!

Most of all have fun with your new altar.

Please, I invite you to share photos of your January altar in the comments below!

Magical blessings this month, dear ones.