Tumbled Arfvedsonite – Stone of Extreme Manifestation Power

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I’ve searched high and low for Arfvedsonite and I was able to find just a few pounds of this exceptionally rare stone in Tucson – I bought all there was. Arfvedsonite is one of my favorite stones and it holds major manifesting power; it’s often mistaken for nuumite or astrophyllite but make no mistake, this crystal has a powerful magic all its own and a crystal structure that is very unique. It’s often mined with Sugilite and Manganese, so in addition to its manifestation properties it’s also a divine healer. I’ve heard many stories of people having huge success after working this stone. It synergistically blends with other stones to create all that you seek. Are you looking to manifest Abundance? Keep a piece of this with citrine in your wallet or cash drawer. Looking to bring in more love? Meditate with arfvedsonite and rose quartz. This stone will change your life! I have a manifestation altar, and you should too – this stone would pair perfectly with it.Be sure to use with caution as this is a powerful stone and it works FAST! It rapidly opens the upper chakras, sending your manifestation desires to the universe at lighting seed.

This listing is for (1) piece of tumbled Arfvedsonite, which will come gift-bagged in organza with a white sage leaf that you can use to clear energies before using. You will also receive a card describing the properties and recommended use of each stone in case you are offering it to another who has not worked with this stone before. I charge all gems on my personal altar space and bathe them in full moonlight before listing. Each piece is chosen carefully and vetted for quality.

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