How to Work With Gemstone Spheres in Ritual and Practice

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How to Work With Gemstone Spheres in Ritual and Practice

The energy and power of the circle

Like the all-encompassing nature of the circle, gemstone spheres are the embodiment of the circular energy of all things. Spheres are a wonderful tool to use in many meditations and magical rituals, as they radiate energy in all directions equally – to all four corners, through all seven chakras, across space and time. Circles are representative of the infinite nature of energy, and have been symbolic in many cultures since the beginning of time.

While we can find circles in many cultures and religions in history, the beauty is in the geometric, all-inclusive, and non-denominational nature of the circle. Take a moment, dear ones, and picture circular energy. What do you see and feel? Perhaps perfection? Continuation? Completion? Now imagine the three-dimensional form, colors, and energy of your favorite gemstone or crystal smoothed into that perfect circular energy you pictured and felt just before. That is what practicing with spheres is like. To me , spheres radiate an energy of possibility and Divine perfection out into all corners of your space. Spheres are the opposite of generator crystals or stones, which are used for more specific intention setting, generating energies to specific centers or out to specific people, or specifically charging other stones – spheres radiate a more inclusive energy all around.

Circular presence in daily life.

We find circles everywhere, within our human bodies and on a much more massive scale all throughout the Universe – in the circular orbs that form our pupils and irises we can find a microcosm of the greater circular nature of the life-giving Sun and Moon. The feeling of the perfectly round and polished crystal sphere in my hand during practices and rituals is a beautiful and unique energy. The stark contrast of the smooth, perfect shape against my hands and skin is soothing and enticing. While gazing upon a sphere it is easy to envision what it would feel like to be floating in space – essentially in nothing, a void, emptiness – while gazing out upon the different planets of our solar system. This feeling is a connection to all that is.

For example, the beautiful deep blue of lapis lazuli spheres are reminiscent of the Earth, while leopardskin jasper could be Jupiter, and the deep red carnelian – Mars. It connects me to the perception and inner knowing that we are indeed connected to Source, or our Divine Creator – and Source is all encompassing and bigger than we could imagine, out there gazing down on us here on Earth with love, just as I sit and gaze upon the beautiful sphere I may be using in my practice or ritual. Breathtaking and colorful fluorite spheres look to have a whole universe enclosed within, and can be used for guidance and soul pathing. Each different color fluorite connects us with energies of various chakras while offering varying guidance and communication to our higher selves, spiritual guides, and divine nature.

Bringing spheres into your work.

I encourage anyone to incorporate spheres into their healing, magical, and meditation practices, no matter what level your familiarity with crystals and gemstones is.  Each crystal has its own unique vibration, frequency, and energy, just like we do. They have energies that can help us cleanse, heal, uplift, protect, calm, soothe, and intensify our own energetic centers as well as the energies of our spaces. If you are new to crystals and gemstones, read about how crystals work here.

For someone new to spheres and wanting to incorporate at least one sphere into your work, I would suggest starting with clear quartz, which is the highest vibrational stone, as it manifests all energies and draws energy to it.  It carries an energy for clarifying, scrying, manifestation, and divination. Or rose quartz, a gem that I use almost daily for myself or others, for radiating love, easing pain, transforming energies around the home, soothing, calming, opening the heart chakra, and bringing peace to the bearer.

Spheres can be used in any practice along the metaphysical spectrum, from simple meditations to use in the arts of divination and scrying. They are easily held and focused upon during meditation, which is a practice I make use of. I enjoy gazing into the depths of my clear quartz while connecting to my 8th (Soul Star) Chakra, healing, cleansing and raising my vibration. Those who practice scrying may use a beautiful and powerful rainbow obsidian sphere, to peer into its wonderful reflective surface, for seeing.

Another beautiful thing about spheres is the varying sizes they come in. You can incorporate them at any size – small, medium, or large – into your magical work. The large spheres are great for the arts of scrying and divination. Medium sized spheres fit nicely in the hand to be held during ritual, prayer, or meditation. The smallest are fabulous to accompany you on your journeys throughout the day; I find the smooth, cool presence of the small sphere calming and comforting in times of high-stress. If you are looking for a new energy tool to add to your practice or ritual, I encourage you to look to spheres.

3 thoughts on “How to Work With Gemstone Spheres in Ritual and Practice

  1. I enjoyed reading this article Now I need to save up for that GORGEOUS Rainbow Obsidian sphere at SG!!!

  2. I also have a question: How do you CHARGE a sphere? Do you do it the same way as say, a generator point, using a double terminated clear quartz wand? Would it matter where on the sphere you touch it with the wand?

  3. Hi Margaret! I charge all my spheres under the light of the Full Moon, including my spheres. I make a ritual of smudging them first with sage, and then putting them in direct moon light. The beauty of watching the smoke waft around and cling to the sphere is amazing to observe. When I charge with a wand I touch it wherever the wand goes without giving it much thought. Hope that is helpful.

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