The Fundamentals of Crystal Healing and Gemstone Magic

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The Fundamentals of Crystal Healing and Gemstone Magic

You may be asking, “Where do I start when incorporating stones into my magical practice?”

The first thing you need to be aware of when beginning a practice of working with stones is that each stone carries its own metaphysical properties. They are formed by the efforts of the Earth and time. Gemstones emit powerful and unique energetic vibrations that impact how you feel, sense, and interact with your environment. You should select which stones to work with based on their individual properties, as well as which ones fit with your intentions. Visual attraction alone will not always get you the results you seek. However, if there is a particular stone you are drawn to visually, it may be a subconscious realization of an unexpressed need. Don’t ignore your instincts.

Some people are highly sensitive to gemstone vibrations while others are not. As you raise your own vibration, you will be more in touch with, and more readily able to use, your own intuition as a guide. Try not to assume that just because you aren’t sensitive to gemstone vibrations today, you aren’t able to work with them at all. Give yourself time, and recognize that energy work is a process and indeed a skill that you develop and hone over time.

Now you’re ready to set your intention

As I mentioned, the most important concept behind choosing your stones is your intention, your purpose. You must honestly ask yourself what it is you seek from this work. Here are some of the most common intentions that often lead people to work with crystals and gemstones:

Spiritual Growth
Releasing/Letting Go

There are as many intentions as there are beings in the Universe, and there is a stone for every intention; these are just a few of the common ones that guide people to this metaphysical realm of possibility. I prefer to set an intention at the new moon each month and in fact, try making a date with yourself to do just that! Make note of the new moon dates each month and then use a gemstone that corresponds to your intention along with Labradorite for new beginnings and perhaps Arfvedsonite to activate energies of manifestation in the field.

Intention set, now arm yourself with these tools

If you are brand new to crystal work, I suggest these three gemstones to begin:

  • A piece of quartz or selenite – these stones carry high and pure vibrations and can uplift, absorb, and clear you of negative energies that may be blocking or holding you back. Tibetan or clear quartz are great types of quartz for beginners.
  • Obsidian, hematite, or black tourmaline – powerful grounding/protection stones. It is important to remain grounded in magical work, or to get grounded if you are someone prone to living in your higher chakras. These stones are great for grounding you by activating your Root Chakra.
  • Blue kyanite – the powerful healing and chakra alignment stone. It’s ideal for beginners because it attunes all chakras, opening them and bringing a healing vibration. This is also a stone that never needs to programmed or cleared! Black kyanite is useful too, because anything it touches is instantly cleared and deprogrammed of previous use or intention.

I also created this Super-Charged Starter Kit for those of you starting your collection.

Once you choose your tools, start your ritual

The first order of ritual with new stones is always clear your tools before use. You never know where a stone has been or who has handled it before it came to you; this is why clearing is important. For a demonstration on clearing watch my video.

After clearing you want to charge and program your stones with your intentions and energies. This aligns them with your unique energetic signature, maximizing their potential for you.

There are many ways to charge your stones – using a crystal grid, outdoors under the light of the full moon, or on other stones that have the capacity to clear and charge, such as clear quartz.

Once your new stones are cleared, charged, and programmed with your personal energetic imprint and intention, enjoy them! Display them, keep them with you, wear them, so that you may tap into their magic. Here are a few ways I carry and engage with my personal gems and crystals:

  • On my body, in a pocket or personalized medicine bag, or even in my purse
  • Wire-wrapped as jewelry
  • In my car
  • Displayed on my altar
  • By my front door
  • In my wallet
  • In my bra 🙂
  • Held in meditation and/or ritual

Ideally, you always want a stone that you are wearing to touch your skin (if it is safe for the stone to do so), hence the reason I am such an avid fan of wire-wrapping. I offer a listing to wire-wrap any gemstone in my shop to wear as a pendant. Click here for more ways to use stones. This blog post is a very basic introduction to crystal work and healing to assist those of you who are new to this realm. You have come here for a reason; it is my hope that I have shined light on your path and inspired your process.

Gem blessings,


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  1. Perfect, easy to understand, comprehensive presentation of information for people who are ready to learn how to use their beautiful gems to their full potential! Thank you, Athena! One thing I am really interested to learn is methods for how to use our stones in meditation. I think there are a few different ways they can be used and I’d love to see an explanation of those different ways in one easy to understand post like this one! Just a suggestion for if you’re ever floundering for a topic for your blog! Thank you for this and everything! So grateful!

  2. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! This helped a lot. I just have to mark my calendars now with the moon phases, it’s the one step I always seem to miss. Love and Light!!!

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