Surrendering to autumn with fire ceremony


Surrendering to autumn with fire ceremony

Fire. I’m fascinated by it. Maybe it’s because I’m a double fire sign by astrological definition (Leo sun, Sagittarius moon); maybe it’s because I was born and raised until the age of 6 in San Bernardino, California where wildfires raged annually and burned the land clean in ritual form; maybe it’s because my parents’ business burned to the ground when I was 18 and forced them to rebuild their lives. It’s a consistent elemental force in my life. I am drawn to the Flame. And I like to share it with others.

What fascinates me most about fire is that it burns clean. It leaves almost nothing in its path. You can’t salvage much from it; you have to recreate what was. You can offer to it what no longer serves you and it will engulf those things fully – even burn brighter for the offering, in a gesture of gratitude for stoking the flames. Fire yearns for more of itself. It seeks kindling.

This Saturday I’m holding fire ceremony to celebrate the Fall Equinox, also known as Mabon. We’re going to build an energetic fire together and then cast into the flames the stuff we’re ready to surrender. We’ll do full ritual process together, engage in extended fire visualization, charge our gems and oil together, close the circle, ground the energy, and release it to do its work in the world. Surrender it all to the wind. What are you releasing right now? I’d love for you to comment and tell us here.

Speaking of surrender, it’s the theme for the month of October. And Cerridwen is standing over her cauldron, ready to stir our wishes, hopes, desires together with a dash of potential and a sprinkle of magic. The Surrender offerings from Sage Goddess will be available for sale beginning after the ritual on Saturday night. We will use the Surrender items – candle, Magica Nocta oil, and gem set – in our Halloween ritual. More details on that coming soon!

And don’t forget: I’ll be announcing the winner of the Abundance Giveaway after our ritual as well! A full night of ritual, magic, connection, and abundance. I hope you can join me. We begin right at 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on my Facebook page.

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So it is.
Bright seasonal blessings as we turn the wheel toward autumn and celebrate this final harvest together, with love.

5 thoughts on “Surrendering to autumn with fire ceremony

  1. Surrendering the lens to which I have grown accustom. My view holds a negative blockage of the “corporate” culture and its inability to “be” malleable. As I surrender the fear I intend to awaken my spirit with creativity and those realistic strategies that I have held privately can finally emerge. No more fear of being different. Life is too short for that. I want to make waves, to make progress.

  2. To let fears burn away without a trace. Your post is a visual feast Athena and you are such a bright light. Thank you! I look forward to celebrating with you … With love, gratitude and blessings <3

  3. Thank you Sage Goddess 🙂 I want to burn up worry (about money, health) , fear (about the future and for my daughter) and creative blocks (around my biz). I’m ready (again) to release these issues. Fire ceremony – here I come to dance around the fire and welcome the fall. Thank you, blessings, love and light. xo

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