Simple Ritual: May Money Magic


Simple Ritual: May Money Magic

Well how is May treating you? This is a whole different month than April – different astrological climate, different energy, different element. April’s wind energy blew through and created havoc for many of us that earthy Taurus and the grounding energies of May can tidy up.

May is the 5th month of the calendar year, and 5 is the number of money. The number of the four elements and directions + Spirit. The number of leaves on the stems of many of the money-drawing herbs. Emerald, the birthstone of May, is a money gem. Our ancestors have been working money magic successfully in May for ages. Are you ready to step into YOUR abundance and prosperity?

To me, money magic isn’t gimmicky. It’s quite serious. Remember that money is energy – it flows. Or it doesn’t. And what stops the flow is fear, poverty consciousness, what I call the “lack track.” It begins with a lot of “what ifs”: What if I don’t have enough money to retire? What if we buy this house and can’t afford it next year? What if we lose our jobs? Now, many of these “what if” scenarios are rooted in past realities, so I’m not saying that aren’t justified based on past experience – but they aren’t going to help you imagine a different and more prosperous future. Imagine the other kind of “what ifs”: What if I get a huge raise this year and pay off the mortgage? What if I find a new job that feeds my spirit and nourishes me financially? What if I create my new business and it’s wildly successful?

Most don’t entertain THOSE kind of what if ideas. But we should. And magical practitioners do. Imagine possibility. Big infinite beautiful intoxicatingly amazing possibility. And then remember, anything you can dream up doesn’t come close to what the Universe can create through you if you get out of the way and start believing.

To help you make the most of the existing energies this month that support financial abundance and prosperity of all kinds, I’ve made a fabulous new kit in the shop that contains all the tools you need for money magic AND a powerful invocation that tells you how to use the tools, what to say, and when. I’ve spelled it all out for you, no pun intended. This is my best money magic kit ever. A simple ritual set you will be so glad you found!

I can’t wait to see what unfolds for you. May will be bigger and better than anything you’ve imagined. And so, it is.

2 thoughts on “Simple Ritual: May Money Magic

  1. I put the kit in my cart, need to work the flow magic first and crossing my fingers it won’t pass me by. Thanks for everything.

  2. Received my kit yesterday and can’t wait to use it! My kit was missing “the ritual.” Can you email me the ritual or can I find it on one of your blogs? Many Blessings, Joy Nissley
    [email protected]

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