Imbolc: The holiday of hope


Imbolc: The holiday of hope

Are you ready to celebrate one of my favorite holidays of the year? It’s just around the corner on February 1 and this post will get you ready for the magic of Imbolc, which means “in the belly” in Gaelic, a time of early fertility and a holiday of hope. This important pre-Christian holiday (which is known as Candlemas in the Christian tradition) marks the first signs of spring across the land, from a time long ago when holidays followed the agricultural cycles of growth, harvest, rest, and rebirth. Imbolc is a holiday of hope. No matter how harsh the winter season may be, spring will come – and metaphorically of course that means that no matter how heavy your heart may be, joy is ahead. Each year on Imbolc, February 1, I honor this day, as many do, by lighting white and yellow candles and turning on all the lights in my home to usher the return of the sun. If the winter season has been hard for you, this is your time to face the sun and find your hope. Better days are ahead.

I truly believe in the vast potential 2015 holds for all of us. It’s an “8” year, which represents material abundance and infinite possibility. Rest your vision upon your deepest hopes and desires. The next few weeks will bring a warming of your heart, a kindling of your inner fire, and a deepening of your faith.

I’ll be posting a video ritual for you to do alone or with your circle on February 1. To do the ritual with me, you should purchase this Imbolc ritual set, which includes my new Hope perfume (a scent blend of lavender, lemon and snowdrop, the essences of Imbolc), to hold space for the beauty of the year ahead as well as the all the gemstones you need to honor the ancient messages and meanings of this important holiday. Stay tuned here to this blog for the video. I think you’ll come to love this holiday, Imbolc, as much as I do. It’s First Spring, and it represents the conception of your dreams. It all begins here. You can use code HOPE11 to save 11% on your purchase of this set or any other purchases of $50 or more at Sage Goddess through January 11.

And so it is. May you be blessed in these final days of winter my friend.

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  1. hello sage goddess I wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your ritual on faith I was wondering if you have a facebook page for sabatical I am in your pentacle program and this will be my first gem wise class also and also you mentioned a reading list

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