How to use your magical tools


How to use your magical tools

The number one question I’m asked is this: “Sage Goddess, I’ve bought gems/candles/perfumes and now what do I do with them?” We have this innate sense that our magical tools are meant to be used, displayed, enjoyed, blessed, presented, shared. But how? I am so touched by the reverence with which my clients approach spiritual work. Sacred work is just that – sacred. We are awed by gemstones because they remind us of God, the Divine, and the Creator who blessed us with this sanctified beauty. Deep within the Earth these pockets of time and wisdom explode with natural color and vibrancy that is so beautiful it can’t even be captured by the camera; the human eye can barely behold the splendor. When we burn a candle, we are transported, aren’t we? To another space and time, a dimension of consciousness that summons our spirits to relaxation and peace beyond words. And when we apply sacred perfumes and potions, anointing our skin with sacred scent, the spirits come. They commune. Lavender and rose and thyme and rosemary and jasmine have smelled the same since the dawn of time. Cleopatra dipped the sails of her ships in white jasmine oil so that her scent would precede her across the Nile. The same jasmine in my perfumes. The same jasmine on your skin right now, perhaps.

We feel the magic. We feel the connection.

We rightfully want to honor it.

My answer to the question of how to use your tools is simple: Create sacred space. Gather a candle, a set of gemstones that speaks to you and place those gems in a circle formation, either next to or around your candle. Put your bottle of potion there as well. Other gems as they request to be included. Fresh flowers are always welcome. And once each day, kneel before this space. Come before the Divine in a state of embodied grace and humility and ask to be shown the way. Ask for guidance. Ask for a clear mind and a peace-filled heart. Ask for forgiveness. Or just be silent. Let the day go. Let your worries go. You can invite others to join you or remain alone in your meditation. That’s what meditation is, you know – a few silent moments in the presence of the Divine. Your tools? Sacred reminders that all around you is beauty. When you see your sacred space, you will instantly relax, come into present time, and begin to hear the whispers of wisdom around you.

So it is. So shall it always be. Because so has it always been.

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