The Wild Ride Of March’s Virgo Full Moon

Astrology Virgo Full Moon

The Wild Ride Of March’s Virgo Full Moon

On March 12th, we greet a Virgo Full Moon.

Perhaps it’s appropriate that this moon is also known an the Storm and/or Crow Moon, as the outlook is slightly dramatic with definite hints of tension, particularly when it comes to your existing relationships.

The key to successfully navigating this energetically challenging time is to avoid stress. Stress will only aggravate matters and will further cloud your judgment. You do not want to create any more drama than there already will be.

There is certainly a bright side, as this Virgo Full Moon will be a glorious opportunity to resolve any and all existing conflicts. You can emerge triumphantly from the melodramatic clutches of this Full Moon with your relationships not only intact, but even reinvigorated as well. As with anything in life that’s worth doing, the outcome will all depend on you. Are you willing to sit with your challenges? Will you commit to actively engaging with the source of your discomfort, learn from it, and transform into a better version of you? This is easier said than done, but there will never be a more ideal opportunity than now to enact serious transformation, so use this opportunity wisely and to its full potential. A new reality awaits you.

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Virgo Full Moon Energy

As with all full moons, your emotions, feelings, and intuition will seem to be working overtime. This can and should be used to your advantage. The sense of tension will be strong enough as it is, so don’t allow your heightened emotions to get the best of you. The key is to use these intensified feelings in a constructive way. In other words, you have the green light to get busy.

You are being invited to see things differently. Structure. Order. Fine tuning. These are all themes to keep in mind. This Full Moon is beckoning you to reign in your wild, unruly emotions and focus on expanding your perspective. Start by channeling your excess energy. There is so much that can be done in the name of productivity. You have more than enough fuel to make things happen. The trick is knowing how to access it. Fortunately, it’s as simple as choosing to zero in on the little things. I’m specifically referring to all the details you claim not to have the patience or the time for. Get them out of the way and take care of them. One at a time if need be. Clean out your house. De-clutter. Focus. Let go.

But wait just a moment.

Do you feel it? Yes, that. That familiar sense of resistance, resignation, or plain lack of motivation. We all feel it and we all must struggle with it. There is no getting around it. Think of Jacob wrestling with the angel. Remember Jesus resisting the temptations of the Devil. You can and will endure all those feelings of lethargy, annoyance, or even frustration—because they are just a ruse to distract you from something even better. You heard it from me first. Masked just beneath those seemingly insurmountable feelings of discomfort is precious energy. You can seize control of it. It is yours for the taking. Just imagine what you can do with all that vitality. Don’t forget the lesson of this month’s Virgo Full Moon though: do not stress yourself out doing this. Be busy, yes. Get things done. Push yourself a little. But avoid stress.

If you’re already a sensitive person, you may find that the extra sensitivity this Virgo Full Moon triggers may bring up some wounds of the past. This is expected and should not scare you. Do not resist it. Feel what you need to feel. Just be aware that something unexpected may happen which will bring your old pain to the light. If this happens, it’s for a reason. You can handle it.

In summary, this Full Moon will likely bring up some drama. The challenge, or challenges, you will face will only be made worse by any rigidity, stubbornness, or unwillingness to compromise. Outdated beliefs, being haste, or acting with a sense of desperation will only create more tension and disharmony. Your laser like focus, analytical thinking, and above all, patience, will be required. Pay close attention, use your heightened sensitivity, and keep the energy flowing. Resist giving in to the heat of the moment. Your reward will be the wonderful gift of lasting transformation. You can and will get through this.

Blessing, loved ones!

See below for the correspondences for this Storm Moon:

  • Colors: Green, yellow, light purple
  • Gems/crystals: Bloodstone, aquamarine, amazonite
  • Element: Water
  • Goddesses: Isis, the Morrighan, Artemis, Cybele, Lady of the Lake
  • Herbs: High John, pennyroyal, apple blossom,


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  2. Thank you for this post! I always enjoy learning new things. I have to wonder whether the stubborness you mentioned starts as early as two days before this whole thing begins?

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