The Power of Jupiter Retrograde – What to Expect

Astrology Jupiter Retrogade

The Power of Jupiter Retrograde – What to Expect

Are you ready for Jupiter Retrograde? I hope so, because it’s made its appearance.

The Astrology Behind Jupiter and How it Affects You

I have often discussed the notoriously dreaded Mercury in Retrograde the astrological cycle when Mercury visually turns its rotation in the sky, and energetically reverses our flow of communication and progress.

Retrogrades often get a bad rap, but I don’t feel that way at all. Knowledge is power, and with the facts we can embrace these energies and work with them to empower our lives. So today, I’m sharing with you what I know about another planetary retrograde – that of Jupiter! Its cycle began yesterday on February 6th, in the sign of Libra and lasts until June 9th of 2017.

My message is this: Now is the time to slow down and do things right.

I adore Jupiter, and I’m not the only one. So much shining energy flows from this planet! In its regular rotation, Jupiter is a powerful and positive force in our lives. It rules the realms of justice, good fortune, and happiness, many of the signals we use to guide us on our paths. Because Jupiter is an energetic, action-oriented planet, its reverse cycle is one when we’re forced to slow down and act with great care and consciousness. The stars shift our focus from a period of external expansion to one of internal wisdom. Jupiter Retrograde offers us a window into the realm of self-knowledge. It’s the time to employ your “quality over quantity” mentality.

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Jupiter is a kind and benevolent planet that fosters positive growth, and seeks to put us on the right path. While success, accomplishments, and prosperity are all associated with Jupiter, the opposite side of that can manifest as laziness and sloth. If you’re a Libra or have Libra in your chart, you’re going to feel this much more strongly than our non-Libra influenced friends. During this retrograde, we will be forced to notice what isn’t working in our lives. This can be in any area, from love, career, health,  and personal relationships.

How to work with Jupiter Retrograde

So how can we best work with this Jupiter Retrograde energy? I encourage you to reflect on your old projects and skill-sets that started from a place of passion. What can be revived or fine-tuned? What didn’t work out? Dedicate time to really listen to your inner voice for guidance. Meditate. Journal. Reflect on the key sources of happiness in your life, as well as sources of unhappiness. What did your life look like when you felt truly blessed? Paint a picture in your mind, with tactile detail, and see what you can discover.

This is about defining success from the core of your soul – from your happy place! Jupiter in Retrograde is also a time for realigning with your personal morals and higher integrity, so I encourage you to really reflect on your actions in the past that were not taken in your highest vibration, and then do your best to make them right. Ask your inner wisdom and your guides to show you how, as this distinction is as unique as you are. I also offer a retrograde survival kit, available here

I always welcome retrograde cycles because they offer us an opportunity to realign with our highest selves. Embrace this opportunity to feel a weight lifted off your spirit that will float you into a new, enlightened state of being come this summer. I believe in you!

May success be yours in the highest light,

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  1. It is amazing to me that you always seem to post what I need to hear, and just at the moment I need to hear it. I have felt a weight lifted off my spirit for the last week now. This year I will embrace the ME I am meant to be. Thank you for this post !
    Blessings to you Athena ! )O(

  2. I do believe Jupiter has saved Earth many times from astronomical events. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Namaste***

  3. Thank you from the bottom of my heart I love reading all your stuff and is so informative and helpful I am learning so much from you thank you

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