What You Need to Know for November: Numerology & Power Days

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What You Need to Know for November: Numerology & Power Days

This is the 11th month of the year and thus November numerology is full of abundance and gratitude. What are you thankful for this month?

It’s an important magical practice to express gratitude, to let it swell in your heart and fill you with warmth. Expressing gratitude will cycle more fortune into your life. It’s the Law of Attraction. And with the veil between worlds still at its thinnest, you can ask your guides and elders to come forward and support you as you co-create your dreams.

November Numerology

The number 11 is known as one of three master numbers. It is thought to be the most intuitive of all. In numerology, 1111, or two “master numbers” combined, tells us that to become our Highest Self, we must align with our soul path, our life purpose of highest calling. So this is a month of alignment and purpose. It’s no coincidence that it arrives in our month of gratitude, as alignment is one of the cycles of gratitude and abundance. 11 is also a repetition of 1, and this number holds the primary force of the Universe. It is at once independent and collective. You can use the energy of 1 to manifest anything you desire. 1’s energy is of action, direction, and leadership. This is a month of setting goals and achieving them! 

It’s no coincidence that it’s the brand new start of the Celtic New Year!

Another very important aspect of 1111 is that it represents Twin Flame connection. And our 11/11 date runs counter-balance to the 5/5 money magic we invoked back in May. When we work with the energy of the Wheel of the Year, we always want to balance the work we do at the opposite point in the year. 

The crux of this numerical sequence is to develop your spirituality, to trust your instincts. This is usually the first number sequence that sensitive souls will repeatedly see. Often times, when 1111 is acknowledged, angels will begin to show you more with other number sequences. So continue to pay attention, especially this month while the energy of 1111 is so prevalent.

Power Days

  • November 1st/2nd: All Saints’ Day/Dia de los Muertos
    These are both celebrations to honor those who have departed. The way these two holidays remember the dead are very different. All Saints’ Day falls on what is actually the first day of the Celtic New Year; it is a day to not only remember and pray for those who have traveled beyond the Veil but to honor all who have graced the earth and who are no longer with us. Día de los Muertos, in contrast, literally rolls out a welcome mat for the return of our loved ones. This is truly a highly anticipated visit, characterized by colorful ‘ofrendas’ and a festive atmosphere. Dia de los Muertos has deep roots in Mexico’s pre-colonial civilizations, while the former emerged from a distinctively European, Catholic heritage. Take time to connect with your departed ancestors on these days, as the Veil remains at its thinnest and they are within reach. Honor and celebrate them, in any way you feel called.
  • November 11: (11/11) Twin Flame Connection and mega manifestation!
    Twin Flames are spirits who have traveled many lifetimes in each other’s sacred company. As opposed to a soulmate, which there may be many of in your current lifetime, a twin flame is a boundless connection in the Universe. There is only one. When this number appears, it means your twin flame is in that very moment seeking to find your energy as well. Seeing 11:11 means you and your twin flame are reflecting each other’s intensity. It means you have made contact.With so much energy behind this number sequence, it should come as no surprise that when you see this number it is a sign that you are on the right path. You may have heard that you are supposed to make a wish when the clock strikes 11:11. This is true; when you see these numbers, be mindful of your thoughts. 1111 signifies an incredible opportunity for you to align with your soul path. When you see 11:11 on your clock, the Universe is opening up to listen to you. Use this charged moment to tap into your sacred soul path energy, so that you can manifest your highest wishes. And because there is an alignment of energies occurring here in your favor, it is pertinent that you only entertain positive thoughts and intentions at the moment that you see 1111. Think of what you truly wish to happen, not what you are afraid of, or don’t want to happen. Your personal manifestation power is so potent at this minute in time, so you must avoid entertaining negativity or fears of any kind.
  • November 14th: Full Moon in Taurus
    This will be an extraordinarily rare and spectacular sight. A once in a lifetime opportunity for most people, this cosmic phenomenon represents the moment when the full moon rises on the same day that the Earth is closest to the moon. Known as an extra supermoon, this full moon will be the 
    brightest and largest since January of 1948. This is a good time to focus on letting go of baggage, address subconscious issues, and move on from the past. This can be an emotional full moon, but it’s a wonderful opportunity to close some of the cycles you may have been exploring during this season’s shadow work. And we work with the energies of Lakshmi, Ganesha, and Saraswati this month for extra prosperity and abundance.
  • November 24th: Thanksgiving
    This is a time to celebrate our many blessings in the company of friends and loved ones. Set intentions now to enjoy the abundance that is already present in your life in new and meaningful ways. This is also a potent time to set new intentions for bringing more abundance into your life with ease. Gratitude is more than just a pretty word. It is action. When we are grateful for something, we honor it. So 
    when our actions back up our words of gratitude, the Universe recognizes it and more blessings are drawn to us because like attracts like.
  • November 29: New Moon in Sagittarius is an ideal time to start a new relationship or partnership, commit to new projects, re-negotiate existing arrangements, find balance, or increase your powers of charm and persuasion. You may be presented with a new opportunity through someone in your life or with a partner. Someone in your life, on the other hand, may be the one presented with a big opportunity.

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  1. What am I thankful for? For me, I’m thankful to have come to a realization that my spiritual health is just as important as the rest of my life challenges.
    And then, of course, I’m thankful for being around to work toward exceding those challenges.

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