What to Expect When Saturn Goes Direct

Astrology Saturn goes direct

What to Expect When Saturn Goes Direct

Saturn – the karmic ruler

Have you enjoyed (wrong word, really) the universal butt-kicking that’s been plaguing many of us the past few months? The great celestial ruler of karma and time – Saturn – has been retrograde since March of this year, and Saturn goes direct on August 13th. Saturn is fascinating to me. Did you know there are 62 confirmed moons orbiting this beautifully ringed planet? Its stunning rings are comprised of tiny organized chunks of ice, a stunning sight to behold. Saturn is the 6th planet from the Sun, and the farthest planet which remains visible to the naked human eye.

On June 3rd, Earth came between the ringed planet and the Sun. This put these two celestial bodies at opposition in our skies. It also heralded Saturn’s closest approach to Earth on its orbital path through the heavens. So, if you’ve felt things heating up this summer, and karmic baggage being brought to the surface, this is why. While opposition happens every 54 weeks, it doesn’t always happen during a time when Saturn is also in retrograde. As we passed between the Sun and Saturn, its illusion of backward movement was magnified, as was the ringed planet’s effect on us. Saturn’s retrograde period can get quite detailed and technical.

Lessons of Saturn Retrograde

The theme of this Saturn Retrograde was heavy in the areas of discipline, patience, karma, clarity, and destiny. As we moved into and out of the opposition period in June, you may have experienced a prevalence of these themes. If you looked for your lessons in these areas, and remained open to learning them, you will now begin feeling a newfound sense of freedom and empowerment, or perhaps an energetic lightness. The changes that came to the forefront of your mind these past months were appearing for a reason, and if you’ve taken the initiative to make the needed changes, you will be rewarded as Saturn goes direct.

With five planets in retrograde earlier this year, Saturn was often overshadowed by his louder celestial cohorts, Mercury and Mars. But I hope you didn’t discount Saturn – the masculine ruler of time, order, discipline, and karma – because there were major lessons to be had here, too. And now, as Saturn’s retrograde ends on August 13th, when it goes direct in Sagittarius, this will usher in a period of practical application for us all, a time to demonstrate a working knowledge of the karmic lessons we learned.

So, I have good news and bad news … those ghosts of the past who kept popping up even after this year’s first Mercury Retrograde may or may not have been influenced by Mercury. If they persisted to haunt you all summer, they may in fact be tied to your karmic lessons and debts, and therefore attributed to Saturn’s Retrograde. The good news? This has all been for your own growth! Clearing karmic debts, and addressing any old relationships which have been left without closure, is a path of growth. Have faith that as you faced Saturn’s karmic lessons with poise and grace, you’ve been shaping and empowering your destiny. And if you had a meltdown or three, that’s okay too; just clean up any karmic damage before Saturn goes direct.

Saturn goes direct

Be patient and kind to yourself as you focus on the practical application of your newfound karmic wisdom. Remember, you undertook this inner house cleaning to create space for your destiny to unfold, free from self-limiting beliefs, energetic debts, and emotional baggage. Think of it as a blank slate. You can clear karma, which does indeed shift your destiny, as destiny is what occurs in your life, while karma is the energy that drives it. When we clear karma, we open up the possibilities of what might occur. As Saturn goes direct, you will step through a karmic doorway of possibility, armed with a refreshed and recharged set of beliefs and motivations.

Often our minds can be quite loud, while our intuition whispers. The idea that seems soft and comfortable, the one that sounds appealing, is often the very thing that will end up holding us back. The other quiet idea that pops up, the one to which we say, “oh maybe later,” and make excuses as to why we can’t do it, that is often the very action which will propel us forward towards our destiny. As Saturn goes direct, it is the time to take those actions. The tasks and work which seemed to take so much effort during this period will now come to you as second nature. The road ahead is an easier one to walk.

Nothing grows in comfort zones! This has been the perfect time for tying up the loose ends that have been keeping you rooted in the past. Now is the time to step forward into your Highest Good.

Enjoy the ride and trust the process.


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  1. How does one “clear Karma”? I’ve been through a “meltdown or three” these past 4 months, I also try to attone for my mistakes and learn from them. I hope the coming months will bring the much needed ‘easier path” you speak of to bring me into my Higher Good.

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