The Magic of 1111 Angel Numbers

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The Magic of 1111 Angel Numbers

The Magic of 1111 Angel Numbers

“Numbers rule the universe.” – Pythagoras

November 11 is a powerful day in the spiritual world. This is the day when our calendar aligns with the divine power of 1111 angel numbers. In honor of this day, I’m sharing the significance of angel numbers and why 1111 is so incredibly special.

Do you repeatedly see the same number or sequence of numbers in your daily life? Perhaps a certain time displayed on a clock, or the license plate numbers of the car driving in front of you. When you experience this phenomenon, you are receiving messages and guidance from the angels. In fact, each number you see has a specific meaning just for you, and the order in which they appear is significant, too.

The spirituality of numbers goes back to ancient Mesoamerica and Greece. Our ancestors knew that everything in the universe could be broken down into cycles and numbers. They knew that numbers are alive with magic. Pythagoras, the ancient Greek mathematician who discovered many universal formulas, which revolutionized math and physics, devised that each number held a sacred meaning and its own vibration. The number one is particularly magical because it’s the generator of all other numbers and every number that exists can be divided by one.

Your Twin Flame is near

1111 represents Twin Flame connection or Twin Spirit – our ‘other half’, or the spirit that knows us best and is most aligned to be with us in spiritual union. Twin Flames are spirits who travel many lifetimes in each other’s sacred company. As opposed to a soulmate, of which you may have many in your current lifetime, a Twin Flame is a boundless connection in the universe, and there is only one. When 1111 appears, it means your Twin Flame is in that moment questing to find your energy as well. Seeing 1111 angel numbers represents you and your Twin Flame reflecting each other’s intensity. It means you have made contact. Sometimes we see angel numbers at the same time every day, and sometimes we go weeks or months without seeing them at all. When you are seeing 1111 more often, the bond with your Twin Flame is energetically stronger. There is no hiding from a Twin Flame – you know them when you see them because it is as if you are looking at yourself.

You manifest magic

More than just a sign or symbol of the Twin Spirit, however, 111 or 11:11 represents manifestation energies and one’s ability to create matter from thought. The number 1 in numerology represents The Magician and the ability to use one’s tools – physical and etheric – to manifest something from nothing. When you see 111, 11:11, or any sequence of the number 1, you are reminded to seek your magic within. Do not underestimate your skills and abilities. You are here to create magic for others to witness because it will enhance their faith. You are a spiritual teacher simply by being, by allowing, and by demonstrating what is possible when one uses the tools at his or her disposal.

This is your moment

With so much energy behind this number sequence, it should come as no surprise that seeing it is a sign that you are on the right path. You may have heard that you are supposed to make a wish when the clock strikes 11:11. Why not? When you see these numbers, keep your thoughts and vision aligned with your intention and greatest dreams. When you see 11:11 on the clock, the universe is opening up to listen to you. Use this charged moment to tap into your sacred soul path energy, so that you can manifest your highest wishes. And because there is an alignment of energies occurring here in your favor, choose only positive thoughts and intentions at the moment you see 1111. Think of what you truly wish to happen, not what you’re afraid of, or don’t want to happen. Your personal manifestation power is supercharged at this minute in time – take advantage of it!

In closing

Angels and spirits are always communicating with us. The universe works magic through you in numbers and communicates with you using numbers, all day, every day. When you follow the guidance you are receiving and take aligned action, you become engaged in the most magically creative manifestation process with Source. Your angels delight in this unfolding because they have been waiting for you to become a conscious participant in these energetic processes. Learn more about angel numbers on our Angel Numbers webpage and in my Angel Numbers class series.

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3 thoughts on “The Magic of 1111 Angel Numbers

  1. In your recent column you say, “Twin flames are spirits who travel many lifetimes in each other’s sacred company. As opposed to a soulmate, which you may have many of in your current lifetime, a twin flame is a boundless connection in the universe, and there is only one.”
    Over the course of my life I have had occasion to learn a great deal about what you call a twin flame. What you say is correct, of course, but there is a bit more to it. Using your terminology, a “soulmate” is a member of your group of reincarnating souls who are together on the other side and often are involved with each other in a single lifetime here as well. A “twin flame” is one who you are bound to in many lifetimes and you incarnate together. What I have learned is that there are actually two different kinds of twin souls. The one you are talking about is the usual kind and they are equivalent to fraternal twins. There is a bond that is like no other and they are dependent on each other and evolve together.
    However, there is another and extremely rare kind which is equivalent to identical twins and they were created long before time began from the same bit of consciousness and while they are not identical physically, they always incarnate together and are drawn to each other in life after life. From what I have learned they incarnate as opposite sexes and will search for each other although not necessarily knowing why.

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