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Are you ready to expand your awareness in powerful ways? 2017 is YOUR year – a year of mastery, integration, and implementation of wisdom. What better way to connect to the energy of this year than through education, community, and new experiences? Sage Goddess 2017 online programs offer you many ways to engage with me, and to learn with me and others who share your interests. Come join our SG member programs and you’ll be immersed in new knowledge, surrounded by supportive peers, and introduced to metaphysical concepts from all traditions.

There are four new programs available to you in 2017, three of which are open to practitioners at any level with no pre-requisite training. All classes meet once per month in the evening, via a live online classroom. Each session is recorded for later viewing if you’re unable to attend the live class. These courses cost $20 per month each and introduce a new monthly set of tools available for purchase separately on sagegoddess.com. Enrolling in all three classes makes you a student of our Sage Goddess Holistic Healer program. This advanced and cohesive program costs $60 per month, and includes enrollment in Gem Wise, AroMagic, and Magical Sabbatical, as well as a standing 15% storewide discount to apply to your course tools, and other gifts and treasures!



This 11-month curriculum will teach you how to use crystals, gems, essential oils, herbs, ancient wisdom, and energetic tools in order to facilitate healing and wellness in your own life and in the lives of those around you. Whether you are an experienced massage therapist or Reiki master, or brand new to the entire realm of metaphysics, the year ahead promises to deepen your knowledge. Through this course, you’ll expand your awareness and develop the essential skills needed to transform your spiritual, emotional, and material life. They say when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn directly from Athena in fun and empowering monthly sessions. You’ll take part in a safe, communal classroom space where you can interact and engage with Athena and your peers, asking questions and sharing your wisdom.

The cost for this membership is $60, which gives you access to three courses: Gem Wise, AroMagic, and Magical Sabbatical. You will also receive a standing 15% discount in the SG shop. Upon finishing the program, you’ll be awarded a “Certificate of completion” of our Holistic Healing program, presented directly by Sage Goddess!

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Gem Wise is my brand new co-ed course on gemstones and minerals, with a focus this year on sacred geometry and crystal structure. We’ll even be studying a few metals too! Each month, we will learn about three crystals that center on a particular theme and share a unique crystal structure in relation to their metaphysical properties and purpose. These crystals will be offered to you in a special Gem Wise Kit available for purchase each month. You’ll learn not just WHAT your crystals do and WHY, but HOW to use them, including how to charge, activate, cleanse, and grid with your stones. There are no prerequisites for this class. The monthly membership fee is $20.

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AroMagic is my new co-ed course on aromatherapy and herbal magic. Each month, we will learn about two essential oils and two herbs that relate to a central theme. Members will learn not only what the metaphysical properties and uses of the herbs and oils are, but how to use them to make DIY products for at-home use. The herbs and oils for this course will be offered to you in a special AroMagic Kit available for purchase each month. There are no prerequisites for this class. The monthly membership fee is $20.

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Magical Sabbatical is my continuing women’s course on magic and ritual, with an emphasis this year on quantum mechanics and vibrational healing. This course is ideal for beginners but also for advanced practitioners who desire to take their metaphysical work deeper this year. Our monthly class will be a combination of meditation, discussion, and application of the month’s theme. We will learn how to incorporate elements of Feng Shui to raise specific energies of manifestation and integration with an emphasis on altar creation, placement, and maintenance. Sabbatical focuses on the process of activating and integrating magic in order to yield powerful results in your life. There are no prerequisites for this class. The monthly membership fee is $20.

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In 2015, I taught a program called Pillars of Priestessing, in which I highlighted one principle of spiritual leadership per month for the year. Last year in 2016, anyone who completed the PoP program was eligible for year two, called Sanctum, which is a practical application of the 12 priestessing principles, under my guidance. At the end of Sanctum, students were initiated as Priestesses. And now for year three, I give you Illumina. Members of Illumina will study 11 layers of magical correspondences to deepen magical practice and enhance the outcome of magical workings.

Illumina is a second-order priestess initiation program for women who completed both my Pillars of Priestessing (PoP) program (click here to learn more and access PoP) and my Sanctum course (click here to learn more and access Sanctum). Both years of course material and initiation must be completed before members may join Illumina.

The monthly membership fee is $20, and you can register here. You must complete PoP and Sanctum before joining Illumina.

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