Welcome to Sage Goddess

Welcome to Sage Goddess!

With open arms, we welcome you to Sage Goddess, where the extraordinary meets the everyday! We’re over the moon to have you as part of our community. As a small token of our appreciation for your first order, we’ve included a special magical gift, chosen just for you.



Founded by Dr. Athena Perrakis in 2011, this is a space where dreams take flight. Our deepest desire at Sage Goddess is to unlock doors of magic and possibility for everybody. We invite you to step through the looking glass and immerse yourself in a world full of treasures! Whether you’re a curious traveler new to metaphysical paths, a seasoned mystical explorer, or simply looking for beautiful new bounty to add to your trove — you’ll find something here to delight you!
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Four other things to explore:


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Step into the circle of moonlight…

Step into the circle of moonlight with us and learn more about our mystical new and full moon gatherings here.


Our Living Magic program…

Our Living Magic program is an online experience designed to bring magic to your everyday life — your home, your meditation space, your body, your mind, and most of all your SPIRIT. Learn more and sign up here.


Take a look at our Online Community:

  • Join our Astrology & Moon Magic community on Facebook, where we share educational tidbits on working with Moon energy, learn about astrology, and engage in lively, wild conversations with other like-minded people.
  • Join our Gems & Crystal Magic community on Facebook, where we share tips and tools for harnessing the magic of gemstones and crystals, and educate you on the properties of the most popular stones available on the planet today.
  • Do you know the healing magic of the oils that are used to make all of our perfumes? Join our Perfume & Aromatherapy Magic community on Facebook, where you can learn about the properties of certain essences, and discover how to work with certain blends to manifest your intentions.


Once again, welcome to the Sage Goddess community. May your time here be filled with blessings, insights, and the profound wisdom that comes from within.