May Purchase

Full moon in Sagittarius

This full moon’s theme is opposites. Everything right now is in opposition, from the obvious sun and moon polarity to that of Venus and Mars, as well. Let us not forget also, that we still have two planets in retrograde until the day following the full moon. So in some senses, this moon serves as a closing of our latest Mercury in retrograde chapter. This brings a welcomed rest and release, but while Mars is still in retrograde, and in opposition with Venus, relationship energy can continue to feel charged, tense, and aggressive. Emotions of all sorts will feel polarized, and the dualities of masculine and feminine energy within us and our partnerships may feel more charged and even confused during this moon. However, a full moon in Sagittarius has some benefits, including an increase in our optimism, enthusiasm, and physical energy, while also sparking our will to let loose, be wild, adventurous, and have fun.

Using the power of the flood to summon abundance

Anuket, our goddess for the month, is the Egyptian goddess of prosperity, and she  presides over the Nile river, especially the regions known as the Cataracts, where there might be whitewater rapids, rocky islets, waterfalls, or whirlpools. These were places of uncertainty and possible danger. Anuket’s name means “the embracer,” so you can look to her for guidance, support, and peace in times where you may feel “flooded” with apprehension or anxiety. However, the metaphor of the flood can be intensely purifying and restorative to our souls if we allow it to be so. Anuket controlled the annual flooding of the Nile, and brought the overflow of abundance to the fields necessary to support and sustain life. She knew that without a powerful release of the water element, there would be no food for the people. If there are areas in your life now where you feel flooded or overwhelmed, with emotions, tasks, or other scenarios that may feel daunting to you, you can tap into Anuket’s energy to help you manage the flood, and view it as a blessing of abundance which is necessary to provide sustenance for your growth.


May is a 5 month, which happens to be the month of prosperity. This is the money month, so it is a great time to set intentions and perform rituals for financial abundance.


Anuket is an Egyptian goddess personifying the Nile river, as well as wealth. She is a goddess of the hunt and a protector of fertility and childbirth. She was depicted as a woman with a tall headdress made of either reeds or ostrich feathers, and sometimes was shown having the head of a gazelle. She sometimes holds an ankh and a sceptre. Her name means ‘She who embraces,’ and she was also known as the Mistress of Nubia. The stretch of Nile river in both directions was thought to represent the reach of her arms. As she presides over the Nile, she was connected to the yearly flooding which took place, bringing nourishment, fertility, and prosperity. During this time she was celebrated with a festival in her honor. People threw coins, gold, jewelry, and other offerings into the river, thanking her for the life-giving water and her blessings of health, fertility, and abundance.


Anuket originated in Nubia, where she was widely known and worshipped until Egypt conquered Nubia, and then she and many other Nubian gods were assimilated into the Egyptian pantheon. Her father was Ra, the sun god.


Anuket is connected to Oshun in that they are both guardians of fresh water. She is related to Artemis in the Greek pantheon, and other Egyptian goddesses she was closely associated with include Satet and Isis. Her symbols are the cowrie shell, water jugs, and coins. The gazelle is her sacred animal, and fish were also attributed to her. In ancient Egypt, there was a taboo against eating certain types of fish, but during her annual festival, where Anuket would be honored with a massive procession and offerings made to her at sites along the river, the taboo would be lifted and fish could be eaten because it was thought she allowed it only at this particular time.

Here is the invocation I wrote to honor Anuket at this month’s full moon. You can read it to summon her energy all month long:

Anuket, The Embracer, and protector of lands,

ancient Mistress of Nubia,

you bring us vital nourishment and prosperity

to sustain and fulfill our lives.

You are the goddess of the cataracts,

those places of danger and uncertainty,

where the elements collide

but where prosperity flows

if we can hold fast to our faith.

You guide us through troubled times;

you are our support, and our purification,

leading us to peace and calm waters once again.

You use your power over the flood to bring life to the earth,

cleansing and restoring, and helping all things grow.

Your prosperous energy blesses us with an overflow,

and we give thanks for this abundance.

I draw upon your courage

to help manage the flood

and receive the gifts of water medicine

We receive your blessings graciously,

and may we share in your prosperousness

for the Highest Good of All.

~ Amen, aho, so it is ~


Opalized citrine:

  • Financial wealth
  • Courage
  • Self-esteem

Leopardskin jasper:

  • Connecting to animal totems
  • Shamanic journey
  • Physical healing



  • Controls heart rate and blood pressure
  • Prepares for clearing and astral projection
  • Steadies the mind, bringing happiness, peace, and serenity


  • Used to attract good luck and prosperity
  • Carries both antibacterial and anesthetic properties
  • Greatly soothes and improves digestive functions


  • Burn as incense for money drawing, fertility, protection, and grounding  
  • Carries antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic properties
  • Brings calmness and uplifts, while promoting feelings of well-being and serenity


May Crafting: Wand Making

I’m so excited to gather with you on May 24th for our wand-making class. It is important for us as space holders and priestesses to learn about ways to channel and direct energy. Wands are used in many ceremonies, from opening and closing a circle, to advanced energy healing and journey work. Wands can be protective, clearing, energizing, and even charged for work with specific chakras. I invite you to start thinking now about the kind of wand you see coming into creation. What does it look like? What is your main intention for this tool? Open your mind to different possibilities, and let your wand reveal itself to you in visualization and meditation exercises.