Blastoid Fossils for ancient Calcite energy and the magic of Five



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These blastoid fossils are an ancient channel of the sacred number five, as well as a primordial source of calcite energy. What you see in the photo is what remains of an extinct echinoderm that lived between 251 to 472 million years ago. These creatures, the ancestors of starfish and sea lilies, lived on the ocean floor as a sedentary species, anchored there by their five stem-like columns. This very consistent structure was supported by an external skeleton comprised of calcium carbonate – which we magical people know as calcite. So much timeless, numeric, watery gem magic with these mysterious specimens.

The magic of blastoid fossils

The five columns of the blastoid represent the number five in sacred geometry. Five is found everywhere. There are five platonic solids, which is a group of specific shapes that can be traced to literally everything in the world. There are five points in the pentacle or pentagram, the icon of wiccans and a powerful 8,000-year-old symbol of our place in the Universe. There are five spiritually resonant navigational points: north, south, east, west, and Source. The number five is a wealth and abundance-drawing number. And in numerology, five represents the free-spirited individual.

There are so many meanings and magical uses for these blastoid fossils when integrated into ritual. With the gentle, high-frequency energies of calcite, their power is amplified. Calcite brings peace and wellbeing, while fueling growth, creativity, and optimism about life. How will you use your blastoid fossils in ritual? I’m excited to hear how they serve you.

This listing is for one (1) blastoid fossil, which will come to you gift-bagged in organza, with a white sage leaf to clear energies and a card to describe the properties of this specimen.

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