• Sugar Aragonite Coral

      for ancient wisdom & intuition

      <p>This sparkling specimen of white aragonite looks just like coral. It forms within subterranean pools of mineral-rich water, bringing a fluidity to its crystalline structure. To add to the magic, it’s coated in a fine layer of tiny aragonite crystals.</p>
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    • Red and White Aragonite Star Cluster

      for healing from above and below

      This Red and White Aragonite Star Cluster from Morocco is absolutely beautiful. With gorgeous, unique crystal formations, these stones are reminders of our planet’s wondrous beauty — and we’ve never had this shape before! The combination of red and white aragonite activates the lower and...
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    • Tumbled Caribbean Blue Calcite

      for harmony and flow

      If you feel your space could use some decluttering so the energy flows a little easier and harmoniously, this Tumbled Caribbean Blue Calcite is for you. This gemstone is a combination of light blue calcite and light brown and white aragonite, working together to bring...
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