• Elder Council Infused Palo Santo

    to call on your guides

    Get ready to connect with your spirit guides on a whole new level! I’ve just added a NEW tool for your Elder Council experience - my Elder Council Infused Palo Santo! This powerful offering is handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters and infused with...
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  • Abundantia Bath Salt

    to clear the path to prosperity

    Your life - and bathing rituals - should be luscious and lavish and this Abundantia Bath Salt will ensure you experience just that! My Abundantia Bath Salt is made with my popular Abundantia Goddess of Abundance Perfume and a salt blend that includes Himalayan salt,...
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  • Abundantia Balm

    for luxurious and lavish self-care

    Although May is known as the month of manifestation, that doesn’t mean the magic ends once the month is over. My Abundantia Balm, blended right here at SG headquarters, will support you in attracting riches and fortune all year long. This gorgeous balm is crafted...
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