• Nephrite Jade: Small Tumbled

      for renewal and success

      $3.08 with coupon code
      Achieve your goals and claim abundance with this Tumbled Nephrite Jade from Pakistan! Nephrite jade symbolizes strength, renewal, endurance, and prosperity. It brings healing, tranquility, wisdom, and financial and spiritual growth. Nephrite jade dispels negative energy while encouraging self-reflection, balance, and clarity of vision for...
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    • Quantum Otto: Medium Tumbled

      for high-vibrational energy healing

      $3.85 with coupon code
      This Tumbled Quantum Otto is quite the work of art, balance, and restoration. “Otto” means “8” in Italian, and quantum otto is named after the mind-blowing mix of EIGHT different vibration-raising, energy-conducting, healing stones and minerals it contains. The number 8 represents abundant flow and...
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