• Beltane Fire of Desire Gem Set

    to ignite passion

    $ 11.00
    Things are about to get a little spicy and muy muy caliente with my Beltane Fire of Desire Gem Set. May 1 is Beltane in the Northern Hemisphere and on that day we honor nature’s oldest love story. Beltane means bright fire, and in earth-based...
  • Moroccan Magics

    for an extraordinary gemstone surprise

    $ 6.00$ 19.00
    Be drawn into the wonder and magic of Africa with this Moroccan Magics offering! These incredible stones come from Morocco, bordering the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, and pack a mighty punch of healing, grounding, soul work guidance, and manifestation vibrations. Each one has different minerals...
  • Get Your Butt In Gear Vanadinite Specimens for procrastination

    $ 39.00$ 59.00
    Do you put off unpleasant tasks until you absolutely need to do them, even if it drives you crazy? These Get Your Butt In Gear Vanadinite Specimens help you overcome obstacles so that you can go for what you really want. If you’re a writer...
  • June Mesa Class Refill for inspired creativity and growth

    $ 14.00$ 34.00
    I’m so excited to offer this June Mesa Class Refill! This is for anyone in SG Soul Shift looking to get another set of June supplies – or anyone who isn’t a member of SG Soul Shift but wants to get in on the June...

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