• Summon Perfume

    for powerful and alluring attraction magic

    $ 32.00
    My Summon Perfume is BACK by popular demand and ready to serve some powerful alluring magic! I created this rare attraction blend by request with notes of jasmine, rose, labdanum, and lotus, and then I mixed it with my Hither Perfume. This potion lightens Hither...
  • Tumbled Ocean Jasper

    for joy, happiness, and high spirits

    $ 3.00$ 3.50
    If you’re looking to dispel negativity and invite some joy to raise your spirits, this Tumbled Ocean Jasper is your ally. Ocean jasper is a favorite among many of my followers, and for good reason – it’s the Happiness Stone. This high-frequency gem brings the...
  • Large Shasta Sage Smudge Bundles

    for clearing and protection

    $ 16.00
    Clear and protect your space with these extra special Large Shasta Sage Smudge Bundles! This desert sage is also known as Shasta sage because it comes from Mount Shasta, California, a high-energy vortex and incredibly magical place in Lemurian history. This sacred herb burns with...

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