• Tumbled Citron Chrysoprase

      to raise your vibration

      Do you feel called to heal, love, and raise the vibe? If so, this Tumbled Citron Chrysoprase from Australia is your ally. Chrysoprase is a talisman of peace, love, and understanding. It powerfully brings perspective and acceptance and helps you delve into deeper levels of...
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    • Tumbled Girasol

      for love and renewal

      Open your heart and let love in with this beautiful Tumbled Girasol! Girasol quartz is a variety of opalized rose quartz that glows with adularescence — an optical phenomenon produced when light is reflected and scattered throughout the microscopic droplets of silica-rich water that became...
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    • Natural Chlorite Phantom Quartz Point

      to grow into your best self

      Grow into the best, brightest, and most healed version of YOU with this Natural Chlorite Phantom Quartz Point. Phantom quartz has a natural phantom crystal or ghost point outline inside it. The stunning phantoms in this point are created by chlorite inclusions interrupting the growth...
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    • Natural Clinozoisite

      for optimism, clarity, and strengthening relationships

      This Natural Clinozoisite is the perfect gemstone to keep handy during the holiday season. Clinozoisite is a rare stone that increases vitality, enhances feelings of optimism and hope, and promotes patience. This is a great gemstone to strengthen relationships with friends, lovers, partners, or co-workers....
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    • Tumbled Green Fuchsite

      for soulmate attraction

      Get ready for major love in your life with this Tumbled Green Fuchsite! This stone is full of powerful healing energy and is all about true love. It’s the gem of life force and heals the heart physically and emotionally, readying you for all kinds...
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