• Tumbled Silver Leaf Jasper for protection and introspection

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    $ 2.00$ 9.00
    These tumbled silver leaf jasper pieces are so etheric. Silver leaf jasper is named for the swirling leaf pattern that adorns its surface. I love the blend of warm, imperial red, with earthy shades of browns, blacks, and tans. These deep, integrated colors come from...
  • Tumbled Sunstone for the gift of benevolence, and the power of the Sacred Sun

    $ 5.00
    Let me start by saying everyone should add natural sunstone to their collection or medicine bag. It is so powerful in bringing benevolence and positive energy to your sacred space, and it carries the energy of the Egyptian sun god Ra inside. It is a...
  • Black Shiva Lingams for Divine balance, fertility, and duality

    $ 6.00$ 10.00
    These black Shiva lingams are the finest grade available, shiny and dazzling deep black coloring that you look for in Shivas. This awesome egg shaped stone is also incredibly rare and difficult to source. In fact, these stones come from only one place, the Narmada River...
  • Tumbled Psilomelane from Tucson for scrying, gazing, and deep emotional healing

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    $ 12.00
    Psilomelane is SUCH a rare stone – very difficult to find. I discovered these amazing high quality pieces in Tucson and I ‘m so excited to be able to offer them to you! The markings on each one of these stones are mesmerizing. Their swirls...
  • Tumbled Chiastolite

    $ 8.00
    As so many of you know, I am naturally curious about life and everything relating to our planet. That’s one of the marvels I enjoy most about learning, collecting, and sharing stones, gems and crystals. These pieces truly represent our constantly changing earth. Take for...
  • Tumbled Leopardskin Jasper

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    $ 6.00
    I was able to source tumbled pieces of this stunning stone and couldn’t wait to offer them. More for the serious collector who wants to have incredible pieces to display, this handful of leopardskin jasper is the most beautiful I have ever seen. Jasper itself...
  • Custom Made Gemstone Set – Six Stone

    $ 27.00
    By popular demand, I’ve brought back this listing – a custom-made set of tumbled and rough gemstones chosen specifically for you by me. Your six stones will arrive bagged in velvet, along with a description of the stones personally selected for you. They’re excellent to...
  • XL Tumbled Hematite

    $ 12.00
    I am passionate about learning …pretty much everything. More than 25 years ago, my natural inquisitiveness led me to the study of gems and crystals. And one of the things I like most about studying these amazing articles of earth is when mystery surrounds a...
  • Natural Silver Topaz

    $ 5.00
    Silver topaz is so prized to me. Please look closely at this gorgeous orthorhombic crystal. It is so versatile and striking that all collectors should have one or two in their sets. The meaning of the word topaz comes from the Greek word tapazos meaning...

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