• Titanium Aura Obsidian Moon

    for protection and courage

    $ 6.00
    If you’re looking for a powerful tool of protection for your Moon rituals and ceremonies, this Titanium Aura Obsidian Moon is your offering! This stunning piece was carved into a beautiful crescent moon shape just for Sage Goddess in India. Titanium aura obsidian is created...
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  • Natural Tashmarine

    for Earth connection and love

    $ 2.75
    This Natural Tashmarine from Afghanistan is EXTRAORDINARY. It’s one of the newer and most remarkable discoveries of the 21st century. Tashmarine means stone of the sea, derived from “Tash,” meaning “stone” in Central Asian languages, and marine, which means “ocean.” This gem was discovered in...
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  • Red Flash Fire Ammonite

    for life force stimulation

    $ 19.00$ 54.00
    If you’re looking to energize your life force - this Red Flash Fire Ammonite from China is your gem best friend. Naturally iridescent, this gorgeous piece flashes with flames of red. Within it you’ll find ancient wisdom, grounding, healing, and revitalization. Fire ammonite stimulates life...
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  • Tumbled Scheelite

    for freedom and expansion

    $ 3.00$ 5.00
    This Tumbled Scheelite from Turkey is absolutely stunning - and incredibly rare. This special gem helps you break free from constraints and conditions that limit your creative expression. It supports and enhances creative inspiration, astral travel, spiritual awakening, deepening of consciousness, and psychic development. Scheelite...
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  • Labradorite 9 Chakra Pocket Wand

    for total energetic alignment

    $ 34.00
    This Labradorite 9 Chakra Pocket Wand from India is a powerful tool for clearing, healing, and balancing all nine of your energy centers - from Earth Star to Soul Star. I’ve studied the chakra system for years and observed how chakra imbalance can affect the...
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  • 9 Chakra Gemstone Orgone Tray

    for total alignment

    $ 44.00
    This 9 Chakra Gemstone Orgone Tray from India was custom-made for Sage Goddess, with gems that align each of your energy centers - from Soul Star to Earth Star. Chakras are energy centers within and surrounding your physical body. You can think of them as...
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  • Chakra Oracle Deck

    to divine your path to healing

    $ 24.00
    When you heal your chakras, you heal your life – for years this has been my motto. I created this Chakra Oracle Deck with the intention to help you achieve greater harmony and flow in your nine main energy centers. I’ve studied the chakra system...
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  • Hemium Quartz Attunement Diamond

    $ 36.00
    Are you looking to align and open your energetic centers from Root to Crown? If so, this Hemium Quartz Attunement Diamond from India is your offering. Hemium quartz is a rare combination of lithium quartz and hematoid quartz, hence the name. It’s a stone of...
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  • Blue kyanite polished bead strands for alignment and Throat Chakra magic

    $ 11.00
    Get ready to up your jewelry-making game with these beautiful blue kyanite polished bead strands. Each of these strands features spear-shaped blue kyanite beads, perfect for your arts and crafting needs! Blue kyanite is the most powerful gem for balance and alignment. It connects you...
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