• Dharma Intention Tea Lights

    for soul purpose

    I’m excited to bring back my Dharma Intention Tea Lights! They’re ready to help you discover your soul purpose. Dharma is a Sanskrit word that translates to “that which upholds righteousness.” Dharma refers to all of the behaviors and actions under divine order – it’s...
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  • Labradorite New Moon Magic Tea Light Holder

    for hope

    Do you have ideas, desires, and visions you wish to illuminate even though they may not be fully formed and ready to be shared? Then I have the perfect offering for you! This Labradorite New Moon Magic Tea Light Holder is filled with brilliant fiery...
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  • Muse Intention Tea Lights

    for inspiration and creativity

    Stir up a universe of creative possibilities with my Muse Intention Tea Lights! I am SO excited to bring back these tea lights to awaken your inner muse. So many blessings and opportunities are out there waiting for you – you just need to open...
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  • Rainbow Chakra Tea Light Holder

    for harmony and faith

    Find harmony and faith with this Rainbow Chakra Tea Light Holder. Since rainbows can only occur with the presence of light, they are often linked to guidance coming from the Divine. They bring a message of a promise yet to be fulfilled, giving you hope...
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  • Rainbow Lotus Tea Light Holder

    to unify and purify

    Come together with this Rainbow Lotus Tea Light Holder. This glass piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess. Since rainbows normally consist of the seven formative, primary colors, they can also represent universality, oneness, creation, and the seven main chakras. Of all the lotus flower...
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  • Selenite Heart Tea Light Holder

    for radiant vibrations

    Add radiant, pure, and loving vibrations to your space by working with this Selenite Heart Tea Light Holder. This beautiful piece was carved into a heart, and the stone was sourced from Morrocco. Selenite is a Crown Chakra stone of peace, pure white light, moon...
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  • Ceremony Intention Tea Lights

    for ritual magic

    My Ceremony Intention Tea Lights are brimming with powerful ceremonial magic. As a priestess, healer, and energy worker, every day is a ceremony for me, and I created these tea lights to help me prepare sacred space and call in higher realm vibrations to guide...
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  • Mini Diwali Set

    for sparking your inner light

    Diwali falls on November 4 this year, and I created this Mini Diwali Set to celebrate! Diwali is an ancient Hindu festival and is known as the biggest, brightest, and happiest of Hindu celebrations. This holiday symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness, knowledge over...
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