• Tumbled Yellow Fluorite

    for purpose, wealth, and abundance

    $ 3.00
    Invoke wealth and plenty with this Tumbled Yellow Fluorite from China. Yellow fluorite is a manifestation, abundance, and money drawing gem. After citrine, it’s the second most important crystal for manifesting wealth and financial abundance. Like all fluorite, yellow fluorite also helps you find and...
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  • Natural Golden Scapolite

    for manifesting success

    $ 5.00
    Move out of your way and manifest success with this gorgeous Natural Golden Scapolite from Pakistan. Scapolite energy is all about YOU. It helps you get out of your way to avoid self-sabotaging and ensure a successful outcome. This stone will kick your butt a...
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  • Natural Hyalite Opal

    for divination and sixth sense awakening

    $ 12.00$ 24.00
    If you practice the art of divination - the tarot, pendulum, scrying, or any other method, this Natural Hyalite Opal from Mexico is your tool! This piece is small, yet MIGHTY. This offering is not for my friends seeking the shiny, sparkly things – this...
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  • Soul Shift Exclusive: Shifted Set for Soul Shift graduation celebration

    $ 29.00
    Here you are. Shifted. Elevated. Expanded. Transformed. What a year 2019 has been. And here we are, ending one year, one phase, and unfolding beautifully into a new year and a more expanded version of ourselves. There are no words to describe how proud I...
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  • The Book of Blessings and Rituals Signed By Athena

    $ 19.99
    How do you honor your life and keep sacred every moment of the beauty and glory that it is? In my newest book, The Book of Blessings and Rituals, I show you how to create ceremony and add more meaning around the areas and experiences...
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