• Peace, Love, and Power Wand

      for ease and heart-healing

      $25.50 - $30.00 with coupon code
      Call serenity, heart-healing, and balance into your life with this Peace, Love, and Power Wand from India. This gorgeous tool features amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz bonded together in a braided shape. Amethyst is all about connecting with Source and its name comes from...
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    • Channel of Light Tumbled Apophyllite

      $6.75 - $12.75 with coupon code
      Connect to Source and the highest vibrations with this very limited, SUPER exclusive, Channel of Light Tumbled Apophyllite from India. I don’t know when I’ll see this again - there’s not very much of it - and it’s just not something you see every day...
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    • Peach Moonstone: Small Tumbled

      for manifesting creativity

      $2.25 with coupon code
      This Tumbled Peach Moonstone from India has us feeling inspired! That’s what peach moonstone is all about - it will help you dream up whatever you’re desiring to create so you can share your sparkle with the world. Peach moonstone is a powerful Sacral Chakra...
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    • Ruby Kyanite Sphere

      to raise life force and balance chakras

      $45.00 with coupon code
      Raise your life force and balance your chakras with this Ruby Kyanite Sphere from India! This piece combines the life force energy of ruby and the chakra-balancing magic of blue kyanite - one of my favorite stone combinations! Ruby is the gem of passion, life...
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    • Let Go and Lighten Up Green Apatite Generator

      $22.50 - $52.50 with coupon code
      Welcome in greater wellness and overall well-being with this Let Go and Lighten Up Green Apatite Generator from India. Green apatite is a stone of wellness. It activates the Heart Chakra, supports healthy weight loss, and regulates metabolism. Green apatite helps bring your body easefully...
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    • Moonstone and Clear Quartz Magical Moon Tray

      $32.25 with coupon code
      If you’re looking for a beautiful space to place your jewelry, crystals, and other sacred tools, this Moonstone and Clear Quartz Magical Moon Tray from India is for you! This tray was custom-made for Sage Goddess. It’s made of resin and features rainbow moonstone for...
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    • Aquamarine Doors of Perception Pendulum

      for imagination

      $11.25 - $16.50 with coupon code
      Are you looking at your life through a single lens or do you see the many avenues of possibility? This Aquamarine Doors of Perception Pendulum will assist you in stepping into the world of magic and everything that awaits you there. This gorgeous pendulum features...
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    • Labradorite Energy Key

      to align the chakras for possibility

      $22.50 with coupon code
      Align your chakras and create a flow of possibility with this Labradorite Energy Key. I designed this special crystal healing tool and it was custom-made just for SG in India. It’s a four-directional transformation gridding and healing tool with a unique cross-shape. This piece is...
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    • Heart Healing Faceted Chrysoprase

      for peace

      $15.00 with coupon code
      Do you feel called to heal and love at greater levels? If so, then this Heart Healing Faceted Chrysoprase is the medicine your heart needs. This beautiful 3-dimensional faceted oval-shaped gem is from India and is a perfect piece to add to your crystal grids....
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    • Divine Guidance Iolite Sphere

      for direction and clarity

      $30.00 with coupon code
      This Divine Guidance Iolite Sphere from India is the perfect tool to remind you that you know the way and are supported every step of the journey. Iolite is the Viking stone for direction and clarity during travels. It brings guidance for sacred and divine...
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    • Amazonite Rose

      for easy, heartfelt communication

      $22.50 with coupon code
      Easy, heartfelt communication is yours with this Amazonite Rose from India! Custom-made just for SG, this gorgeous flower is carved from amazonite, a Throat Chakra stone that encourages speaking your truth clearly with clarity and confidence. Rose, known as “Queen of Flowers,” is a flower...
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    • Emotional Healing Aquamarine Generator

      $22.50 - $30.00 with coupon code
      Honor your feelings and the water element with this Emotional Healing Aquamarine Generator from India. Aquamarine is a variety of beryl that activates the Throat Chakra for clear communication. It’s a crystal of the sea, with a calming and cooling vibration that enhances intuition, imagination,...
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