• Tumbled Lodolite

    for healing and journeywork

    $ 2.00
    This Tumbled Lodolite from Brazil is the journeyer’s dream! It’s the perfect tool for visioning and journeywork that encourages expansion, exploration and aids with dream recall. Lodolite contains an array of healing inclusions, so you might receive a gem with amphibole quartz, kaolinite, chlorite, actinolite,...
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  • Titanium Aura Quartz Singing Pyramid

    for sound healing

    $ 99.00$ 179.00
    Look what’s back in the shop! This Titanium Aura Quartz Singing Pyramid was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone is from China. This singing pyramid is a sophisticated healing tool made from titanium aura quartz - a stone of courage and strength. It...
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  • Bloodstone: Small Tumbled

    for healing, rejuvenation, and endurance

    $ 2.00
    Bring in some serious healing and rejuvenating energy with this Tumbled Bloodstone! The ancient Greeks called this gem “bloodstone” because it looks like there are little drops of blood in it - but that’s actually just red jasper and green jasper. This is my go-to...
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  • Red Aventurine Flame of Strength

    for perseverance

    $ 41.00$ 81.00
    You can make it through anything with this Red Aventurine Flame of Strength from Brazil. If you need to get through something challenging, red aventurine helps you stay alert and determined. It’s the ultimate “can-do” stone that clears trauma and releases stored toxins. Red aventurine...
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  • Tumbled Emerald

    for attracting good luck and new love

    $ 2.50
    Are you looking for luck in love or finances? This Tumbled Emerald will help you manifest your desires! Emerald holds attraction magic that works with you to bring your dreams to life. It’s also a stone of strength and discernment, especially in love. Emeralds were...
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  • Dragonstone Dodecahedron

    for personal power and universal connection

    $ 36.00
    Open and activate some deep wisdom and magic with this Dragonstone Dodecahedron from India, custom made for SG. Dragonstone is a potent problem-solving and manifestation tool that enhances fortitude and vitality. It’s a stone of personal power and perception, helping you to see what’s before...
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  • Red Aventurine: Medium Tumbled

    for clearing, release, and strengthening

    $ 2.00
    Let it go, let it heal, and regain your strength with this Tumbled Red Aventurine. If you need to get through something tough - staying alert and determined, red aventurine is your ally. Red aventurine is your “can-do” stone and clears trauma and releases stored...
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  • Ultimate Healing Bloodstone Generator

    for high vibrational wellness

    $ 24.00$ 34.00
    Invite wellness and high vibrations this new year with this Ultimate Healing Bloodstone Generator. Bloodstone is my go-to stone for healing of any kind. It strengthens the Root Chakra and promotes closure and healing in emotional situations. If you’re ready to let go and heal,...
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  • Dragonstone Snake Carvings for rebirth, courage, and strength

    $ 39.00
    Do you find yourself shedding energetic and emotional skin? Are you releasing old ways of being and doing? If so, these Dragonstone Snake Carvings are your talisman to facilitate new beginnings with ease, grace, and wisdom. Dragonstone offers protection, grounding, and guidance. It promotes courage,...
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